The ecommerce landscape has seen quite a bit of change over the past decade.

The industry has evolved and standards have heightened. The titans of the space have further refined their products, some have closed their doors, and others have quietly revamped their platforms.

As much as innovation is prioritized, people are more aware of gimmicks than ever before. What people want is convenience, control, and stability – a solid user experience.

These are the platforms that people gravitate towards; the most effective platforms to consider for your ecommerce marketing strategy.

Top Ecommerce Marketing Channels

what are the best channels for ecommerce marketing?
 2020 Ecommerce Channel Mix: Google Shopping, Facebook, eBay, Pinterest, Walmart, Instagram – (click to download)

Google Shopping

The recently overhauled Google Shopping is now a comparison shopping engine and marketplace all in one.


Facebook is, by and large, the world's most popular social network. Its massive userbase and dynamic marketing options shouldn't be ignored.


Not just the most successful online marketplace – Amazon is also a leader in the retail, publishing, media, grocery, and web services world.


eBay remains an intuitive and welcoming marketplace that continues to enable businesses of all sizes.


Known for product discovery and idea inspiration, Pinterest is full of marketing potential.


With its retail infrastructure, resources, and reputation, Walmart has the means to go bigger. Much bigger.


Globally recognizable and beloved by many, Instagram is excellent for marketing – and it's only getting better.

Honorable mentions

We also have to shout-out three other channels with special ecommerce X factors.

Any of these could one day be far more relevant, keep an eye on them – if they aren't already on your radar.

tiktok snapchat rakuten marketing
Honorable mentions: TikTok, Snapchat, Rakuten


Currently bringing in 800M monthly active users (MAU), TikTok is one of the fast growing social platforms in the world. It gets an mention because the company has been testing shoppable ads as well as other marketing features. This app is looking to be more than just a phase and may soon be a lucrative marketing option.


The original ephemeral content app boasts 380M monthly active users, many of which are younger users – Snapchat reaches 90% of all 13-24 year-olds and 75% of all 13-34 year-olds in the U.S. Snapchat has been refining its ad platform for a while now.


Rakuten recently absorbed and overhauled Ebates after acquiring it back in 2014. The company is a trusted beacon of international business, it totally has the means to go big in the US market.

Diversifying Your Reach

You definitely don't have to be on all of these channels. There may even be others that more directly appeal to your audience(s).

The key is to be where your customers are.

Channels like Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, Walmart, and Instagram just happen to be ripe with potential.

Leverage these and other key platforms, unify your marketing as much as possible, and strive for excellence. A good omnichannel strategy is imperative for an effective ecommerce business.

If you have any questions on expanding to these or other channels, drop us a line – we know a thing or two about omnichannel marketing.