Product Feed Management Platform

Get more from your shopping campaigns with optimized feeds.

Create product experiences that reach and engage more shoppers by leveraging the power of your product data.
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Fuel Your Ecommerce Campaigns

GoDataFeed empowers you with the tools to connect, customize and enhance product data.

shopping feeds that connect you to shoppers

Create tailored product experiences for each channel's unique audience

shopping feeds for high performance campaigns

Boost engagement and performance with optimized product feeds

shopping feeds with unlimited control

Define product options and variations based on business goals not feed limitations

Connect easily

Ecommerce channel integrations that make sense

Go to market faster and with more confidence. Our built-in templates and channel integrations get you past the common hurdles of channel data requirements and compliance. With GoDataFeed, you'll have a single source of truth that checks for errors and automatically feeds your catalog to channels.

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Boost discoverability

Get on more channels and reach more shoppers with less effort

Build a future-proof foundation for your products. Launch on new channels or scale down channels that are no longer performing. By centralizing your product data into GoDataFeed's smart catalog, you get full control of how and where your products appear.

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Improve Performance

Enhance product feeds for maximum engagement

Shoppers interact with 20 to 500 touchpoints before making a purchase. Put your best data forward with every interaction. GoDataFeed lets you customize your product listings with a powerful rules engine. Clean up messy data and modify attributes to enhance the way data is presented to shoppers.

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Automate ecommerce workflows

Sync product changes and order updates across touchpoints

Sync your store and update data and inventory changes across all of your sales channels. No more data entry. No more overselling. No more listing discrepancies. Maintaining informational accuracy everywhere your products appear has never been easier.

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