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We feed the web's top ecommerce campaigns. But not every merchant who finds success using our platform is a Top 1000 Retailer. We help merchants of all sizes.

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1.5x improvement in click-through rate
20% increase in channel revenue
44% lower average cost-per-click
Success story

Caribshopper enlists GoDataFeed's team of experts to solve catalog complexity and boost sales

Caribshopper used Feed Management by GoDataFeed to take control of its paid and organic product marketing on Google Shopping. After handing off its product data and Merchant Center integration to GoDataFeed's team of experts, Caribshopper saw an increase in both new customer traffic and overall sales.

+17% increase in organic Google Shopping search traffic
+15% overall sales growth driven by organic + paid Google Shopping
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“ We spent countless hours trying to get our products on Google Merchant Center without a clear understanding of how to navigate their platform. But with Feed Management by GoDataFeed we were able to identify our ‘blind spots’ and execute the right strategies for our ecommerce store.”
- Kadion Preston, Founder and CEO of Caribshopper
Success story

Sweaty Betty launched a 16-feed multinational ecommerce campaign in record time

Green Line Digital used GoDataFeed's app to centralize and optimize Sweaty Betty's product data for distribution across multiple channels in multiple countries, each with different regional requirements. The software saved them weeks of additional work and helped them regain control of ROAS by improving product visibility and engagement.

-75% less time spent formatting data, managing integrations, and optimizing listing ads information
+50% increase in SKU visibility after correcting formatting issues and optimizing PLA attributes
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Google Facebook Instagram Case Study
“ We wanted a tool we could fully use ourselves without having to go through a representative to make changes. GoDataFeed gives us full control. ”
- Landon Perry, Director of Paid Search, Green Line Digital
Success story

Olive Nation lifted revenue and increased long-term sales using GoDataFeed

To compete with larger gourmet retailers, Olive Nation needed to expand product reach and exponentially increase sales without incurring operational programming costs. The answer was multichannel marketing via Google, Amazon, Facebook, Share-A-Sale, and Avantlink. Unfortunately, each channel had different requirements and audience expectations. By leveraging GoDataFeed, Olive Nation was able to modify and customize its catalog and boost sales in the short- and long-term.

+8% immediate boost in overall revenue
+20% long-term sales growth from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Ads
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facebook product ads case study
“ GoDataFeed was the perfect solution to help our gourmet food store grow and gain exposure. Their feed platform and support team helped us syndicate our product listings easily and seamlessly. ”
- Amit Mitra, Founder and CEO, Olive Nation
Success story

US Mattress hiked reach, maximized conversion rate, and lowered cost-per-sale with GoDataFeed

Using GoDataFeed, US Mattress was able to deliver better product listings to purchase-ready consumers. By leveraging GoDataFeed to enhance product descriptions and inject search-friendly keywords, it was able to attract a wider, yet more qualified audience.

+180% improvement in conversion rates
Accounted for 21% of total shopping channel revenue
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amazon seller central case study
“GoDataFeed maximizes our exposure. Without GoDataFeed, there would be a significant increase in hours and resources to manage all of our shopping channel campaigns. ”
- Brenda Smith, Director of Web Development, US Mattress
Success story

Chess House streamlined data feed management and optimization to make campaigns more effective

Using GoDataFeed, Chess House was able to better leverage its Volusion catalog's robust inventory data and get better results from product marketing on Google Shopping and Microsoft Product Ads (formerly Bing). GoDataFeed dynamic catalog integration replaced spreadsheets and manual submissions to increase key performance indicators, reduce cost-per-acquisition, and improve conversion rates.

6% conversion rates on Google Shopping and Microsoft Product Ads
10% cost-per-acquisition combined on Google Shopping and Microsoft Product Ads
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google shopping case study
“ By using GoDataFeed we cut down data management time and the quality of our product feeds is much higher. GoDataFeed helped us achieve better data quality, which brought us higher-quality traffic and lowered our CPA. ”
- Raphael Neff, Owner and Operator, Chess House

Your shortcut to success on the Digital Shelf

Tailor products to channel requirements

Connect to channels without a hitch

Build feeds and resolve errors faster

Customize product presentation

Update listings automatically

Clone feed content and optimizations

It has smart, powerful features but it’s also intuitive and easy to use.
product feeds trusted by roarmedia
Working with GoDataFeed, our conversion rates have tripled.
A game changer for us.  We immediately saw the value.
They have gone out of their way on several occasions to meet our clients' needs.
Unbelievable service. I will never be doing another manual listing again.
Intuitive experience to optimize the success of PLAs and other feed-based marketing.
product feeds trusted by american eagle
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