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Reach more shoppers on more channels with less work. GoDataFeed simplifies how you get your products listed across the Web to save you time and effort.

Smart Data Aggregation

Consolidate data into an optimized feed that can be modified to match each channel's requirements and best practices.

Dynamic Product Listings

Create custom rules that optimize data automatically. Sync product updates, inventory changes and orders across platforms.

Straightforward Integration

Take the guesswork out of online selling with built-in channel templates and automated rules to optimize your product feeds.

Experts on Support

Our team adds decades of combined ecommerce experience to your shopping campaigns. And we're always here to help.

  • Channel Integration
  • Feed Management
  • Data Optimization
  • Order Management
  • Channel Integration

    Being compliant on more channels is the key to reaching more shoppers. We help you achieve compliance with industry-leading integrations to Google, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Walmart and over 200 ecommerce marketing channels.

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  • Feed Management

    Centralized product data management. It sounds complicated, but really, it’s what allows us to simplify how your product listings appear across the Web. Build a master feed from primary import sources and supplemental files -- without altering original data.

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  • Data Optimization

    Your campaign’s quality score is directly correlated to your data feed. GoDataFeed bolsters your feed data for optimal campaign performance, fast. Standardize formatting. Insert keywords. Find and replace values. Modify and enhance attributes.

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  • Order Management

    A seamless integration between shopping cart and shopping channel allows you to automate inventory changes and order statuses across all of your sales channels. It’s automatic. No more data entry. No more inventory discrepancies. No more overselling.

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Uncover Your Products' Selling Potential

Successful ecommerce campaigns require the right data in the right channels in the right format. GoDataFeed customizes your product data and packages it just right for each channel, driving customer engagement and revenue.

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Product Feed Optimization

Modify feeds in bulk and apply rules to automate ongoing optimizations

Fix Compliance Issues

Resolve processing report errors with validation and click-to-fix reports

Code-Free Functionality

Modify and create new attributes without altering source data or writing code

Product Variations

Pull child product listings from top-level parent product data

Keyword Insertion

Append terms to product titles and descriptions for better searchability

HTML & White Space

Fix dirty WYSIWYG code, remove white space and condense page breaks

Text Replacement

Remove disallowed text and/or change wording for compliance best-practices

ASIN Match

Match product UPCs to Amazon's product data for more efficient listings

Intelligent Targeting

Use smart built-in channel taxonomies for precise categorization

Feed Automation

Automatically push and/or pull shopping feeds at optimum scheduled intervals

Auto-Sync Updates

Refresh inventory and sync order updates to-and-from your shopping cart platform

Orders Dashboard

View order details in-app with the new marketplace order sync dashboard

Are Your Feeds Optimized?

Bad data could be costing you sales. Let our ecomm specialists (these guys) check it for you.

Feed Optimization Audit
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