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Simplifying how Data Feeds Ecommerce

Improve product feed performance and reduce multichannel friction with GoDataFeed.

Why GoDataFeed?

Achieve full command and adaptability of your product feeds and marketplace presence

Unmatched Agility and Foresight

Your control center for product feed performance

GoDataFeed doesn't just manage your feeds — it transforms them. Easily meet channel demands, anticipate compliance issues, and customize product content for market demands, ensuring your products shine when and where it matters most.
Intuitive Configuration: Our platform guides alignment with channel specifications, serving as a co-pilot, auto-tuning your feeds for optimal format and compliance, based on settings you define — ensuring accuracy without the guesswork.
Vigilant and Ready for Action: GoDataFeed monitors your feeds around the clock, promptly alerting you on compliance risks and optimization gaps. With in-app guidance, you're equipped to act swiftly and with informed precision.
Multichannel Made Easy

Untangle and improve how your products appear online

GoDataFeed integrates with 200+ ecommerce touchpoints and gives you the tools to quickly and easily build high-performance feeds.
native integrations
17 min
avg. Google feed
2 min
avg. Shopify integration
avg. bump in impressions
avg. bump in CTR
customizations per user

Increased visibility and product marketing reach

Product targeting aligned with shopper intent

Higher click-through rates, lower costs per acquisition

What GoDataFeed users are saying

I'm very pleased with the GoDataFeed service. Their customer support team was extremely helpful during the feed setup process. I would definitely recommend.


Molly Mutt

A game changer for us.  We immediately saw the value. We did not have the time, resources, or expertise to manually maintain our dynamic product line. GoDataFeed solved our problem.


Shields of Strength

We work with some of the world’s most inspiring brands. We need a feed platform that can keep up. GoDataFeed fits the bill.

Ecommerce Manager

Roar Media

Best service ever. Don't waste your time with other solutions! Top notch. Has helped my shop immensely.


Public Market

I went from data feed know-nothing to feed ninja! Interface is intuitive, documentation is super clear, and when I needed it help was always there.


Bitters + Bottles

GoDataFeed provides an intuitive experience to optimize the success of PLAs and other feed-based marketing efforts for our clients.

Marketing Director

Amercan Eagle

Working with GoDataFeed, our conversion rates have tripled. Without it, there would be a significant increase in hours and resources managing campaigns.



Excellent customer service & quick resolution to issues!


Vincero Watches

They have not only provided my team with professional support, but they have gone out of their way on several occasions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Gregory Yovic

Opeation ROI

GoDataFeed has been a terrific solution to market our wines on shopping sites, including specialty wine sites. It is easy to use and met our needs at a very reasonable cost.


Product feeds are not simple tasks but GoDataFeed makes it easier with smart mapping strategies, a great rule system, and intelligent support.


Creative Action Network

Unbelievable service. Spectacular from start to finish. I used to list products manually, after their service I will never be doing another manual listing again.


Frost NYC

Their app makes managing our advertisements very easy.

Catalog Manager

Automotive Equipment Specialists

GoDataFeed simplified our product feed formatting and channel submission process, increased feed updates and helped our company grow by over 30%!


ID Zone


Your most frequently asked questions

What is GoDataFeed?

GoDataFeed is a centralized platform for managing and optimizing product data across multiple channels, simplifying the process for online retailers to manage, update, and enhance their product listings efficiently.

How does GoDataFeed help in product data management?

GoDataFeed provides automated optimization based on each channel's specific requirements, content enhancements like keyword injection, and automated updates to product listings and inventory, ensuring data accuracy and up-to-date information.

How does GoDataFeed streamline product data optimization?

GoDataFeed enhances product data optimization by offering dynamic tools that allow users to customize and manipulate product attributes at scale. This flexibility ensures that your feeds not only meet channel criteria but are also tailored for improved targeting, segmentation, reach, and conversions. With our platform, you can easily adjust product information to optimize performance across various channels, all while automating compliance and minimizing errors for more effective ecommerce campaigns.

How easy is it to implement product feed management?

With the right software and support, implementation can be straightforward and quick.

Will this save me money in the long run?

Yes, you'll save time and cut down on manual work. Plus, better product listings can lead to more sales. So, you're likely to make back what you spend and then some.

How quickly can I see results after implementing product feed management?

The timeline for seeing results can vary depending on the complexity of your product catalog and the channels you're targeting. However, most of our clients report noticeable improvements in efficiency and listing quality within the first few weeks.

Is product feed management suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely. Product feed management is scalable and can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. For small businesses, it can be a crucial step in leveling the playing field against larger competitors.

Do I need technical skills to manage the product feed software?

Our platform is designed to be user-friendly. While having some technical background can be helpful, it's not a requirement. We also offer fully managed feed services that lift the burden entirely off your team.

How does product feed management integrate with my existing ecommerce platform?

Our software is built to seamlessly integrate with most major ecommerce platforms. This ensures a smooth flow of data between your online store and the various sales channels you target.

Can I customize my product feeds for different channels?

Yes, customization is one of the key features of effective product feed management. Our platform allows you to tailor your product data to meet the unique requirements and opportunities of each sales channel. You can even clone feeds across channels to carry over values or logic, then modify as needed.

Can GoDataFeed improve my product visibility on channels like Amazon?

Yes, GoDataFeed includes features like the Apply ASIN Tool for Amazon feeds, which resolves matching errors and enhances product visibility on Amazon by aligning your product data with Amazon's database.

Can GoDataFeed handle large volumes of product data?

Absolutely, GoDataFeed is designed to handle large volumes of product data efficiently, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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