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Sync your product catalog to create optimized, automated Walmart listings

Sell More. Work Less.

The quality of your product data is your only competitive advantage on Walmart

How do you cut through the noise on the world's largest omnichannel retailer? First, you craft product feeds using Walmart's best practices. Then, you enhance product listings with rich content that shoppers love.

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Optimize product catalogs to achieve maximum performance

shopping feeds that connect you to shoppers

Clean up messy feeds

Fix feed errors and standardize product data to channel requirements
shopping feeds for high performance campaigns

Optimize listings

Enhance catalog data to meet expectations of customer audience
shopping feeds with unlimited control

Supplement product info

Inject data from the app or bring in supplemental source content
shopping feeds with unlimited control

Suppress SKUs

Product filters allow you to control what SKUs are published
shopping feeds with unlimited control

Validate outgoing listings

Avoid disapproved SKUs with validation analysis
shopping feeds with unlimited control

Automate feed submission

Automate submission schedule for effortless catalog publication
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Walmart marketplace

Leverage Walmart's innovative 3P selling platform

Built for sellers with vision

With low competition, zero monthly fees and a competitive pay-per-sale commission structure, Walmart Marketplace is the perfect platform for sellers looking for sustainable growth.

Millions of shoppers on tap

Walmart receives more than 100 million unique visitors every month. This is a huge opportunity for sellers. Especially considering the low levels of competition on the marketplace. But that leverage won't last long. If you're on the fence, hop over ASAP.

Efficiently structure and optimize any product catalog

ecommerce feed management
Dynamic optimization
ecommerce feed management
Attribute builder
ecommerce feed management
Text replacement
product feed management
Product suppression
product feed management
Keyword insertion
product feed management
Smart categorization
product feed management
Feed validation
product feed management
Product variations
product feed management
Override rules
product feed management
Easy onboarding
product feed management
Optimization suggestions
product feed management
Advanced feed tools
product feed management
Custom feeds
product feed management
Filter products from feed
product feed management
Supplement missing data
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