If you're not already using Google Shopping ads, what's holding you back?

Ecommerce marketing can be complicated. So you go online looking for guidance – but with so many varying opinions, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. 

Well, we’re here to set the record straight. We want to demystify some commonly held but entirely false beliefs surrounding Google Shopping ads and, to a lesser extent, PPC as a whole. The PPC waters might be murky now, but we’re sure things will be clearer after debunking these five Google Shopping/PPC ad myths.

1. No one clicks on Google Shopping ads

Many ecommerce companies refuse to see the benefits of Google Shopping campaigns. Even crazier than that, many companies refuse to see the benefits of PPC as a whole. In fact, the complete myth behind this is that people simply don't click on PPC ads in general (not just Google Shopping ones).

no one clicks on google shopping ads

That could not be any more false: according to research by Adthena Ltd., Google Shopping ads account for 85.3% of clicks in PPC channels.

Additionally, Wordstream's research into commercial intent keyword searches found that 64.6% of clicks are on PPC ads. The proof is right there – people are clicking on PPC ads in droves.

2. I can't afford PPC... it's just too expensive

Another myth holding businesses back from reaping the benefits from paid advertising is in its name... it's paid.

ppc is just too expensive

Contrary to popular belief though, PPC doesn't have to bankrupt your company. Before a company can even dream of heavily investing in Google Shopping campaigns, they must ease their toes into the world of PPC.

SEMrush conducted a study in which they found that 50% of ecommerce companies spend only $1,000 or less per month on PPC channels.

That's not too bad, especially when you know that you'll make that back – or more – while using Google Shopping.

3. I'm already investing in PPC, Google Shopping is no different

So you've never fallen for the "PPC is just too expensive" myth, but you still aren't running Google Shopping campaigns? There's certainly a myth circulating that any generic PPC campaigns are enough... that they're all the same thing.

i'm already investing in ppc, google shopping is no different

Again, this is laughably false. Recent analysis by Search Engine Land continues to show substantial growth in Google Shopping as a PPC channel; it's the fastest growing advertising channel for ecommerce businesses.

If you're investing in PPC but ignoring Google Shopping, you're definitely missing out.

Google has been experimenting with a variety of Shopping ad variations, too. It's fair to say that Google Shopping ads aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

4. I'll just advertise on Amazon, I heard that's more effective than Google Shopping

It's no myth that Amazon is an ecommerce giant; probably also the most effective marketplace.

advertising on amazon is just as effective as google shopping

However, that doesn't mean it's the best for your business, though. In fact, considering all of Google's recent additions to Google Shopping, it's becoming a veritable competitor in the field. According to Criteo, there has been a 162% increase in shoppers using Google's search engine to shop for products online.

Not to mention, not every consumer is heading to Amazon to shop for products. A simple Google search is where many shoppers begin their journey. With Shopping Ads, you'll be able to meet your shoppers where they're at.

5. I'm already doing pretty well without PPC/Google Shopping

A huge myth holding business back operates on the principle that if your company is already doing well, there's no reason to change anything. Success is a great problem to have, but it might just hold your company back from achieving even more.

i'm already doing pretty well without google shopping

There's never too much of a good thing, though.

There's always room for improvement, and using a growing channel like Google Shopping will increase even the best of sales gradually over time. According to Adthena Ltd., Google Shopping ads generate 76.4% of retail search ad spend.

In order to capitalize on all that PPC has to offer, your ecommerce business should take advantage of Google Shopping, as well as alternative PPC channels. Businesses are investing for a reason: PPC – more specifically, Google Shopping – ads work.

To conclude

Google Shopping is one of the many PPC channels to take advantage of.

But despite its success, there are still a number of myths circulating on Google Shopping and PPC in general. The proof is in the stats, though. PPC channels present your company with ever-growing, effective opportunities to advertise your products.

Don't let the myths hold you back. Google Shopping/PPC ads might be the thing you need to take your business to the next level.