Case Study

Olive Nation

Olive Nation achieved an 8% immediate boost and 20% overall increase in sales with GoDataFeed.
Olive Nation

8% immediate boost in sales from Google and Amazon

20% long term sales growth from Google, Amazon, Bing, etc.

Saved in thousands in developer fees migrating to Magento


While overlooking his family’s olive vineyard in Italy, Amit Mitra, founder and CEO of, sought a way to make his mark in the online gourmet food industry. He understood right away that if he were to compete with larger gourmet retailers, he would need to expand his product reach and exponentially increase sales without incurring operational programming costs. The answer, he knew, was to automate his product feed syndication.


With a startup advertising budget, Amit turned to GoDataFeed to help him boost online sales revenue by tapping into popular online marketing and affiliate channels like Google, Amazon, Bing, Share-A-Sale and Avantlink.

Working with GoDataFeed’s product feed platform, Amit expanded product visibility across multiple channels seamlessly, which resulted in increased sales and brand exposure.


Using GoDataFeed, Amit was able to achieve an 8% lift in sales immediately while boosting overall sales 20% in the long run. The adoption of GoDataFeed’s service also saved him thousands of dollars in developer spend while seamlessly migrating all his product data to the Magento platform — all while increasing his product line’s exposure.

“GoDataFeed was the perfect solution to help our gourmet food store grow and gain exposure on various shopping engines,” said Amit. “Their feed platform and support team helped us syndicate our product listings easily and seamlessly.”