Case Study

Sweaty Betty

Green Line Digital launched a 16-feed multinational ecommerce campaign for athleticwear brand Sweaty Betty in record time using GoDataFeed.
Sweaty Betty

16 feeds for 4 channels across 4 regions in 2 weeks

75% less time spent on feed management

50% catalog improvement


Green Line Digital is a tech-enabled digital media agency that specializes in paid search, display, video, and social media management, analytics, and e-commerce feed management

Sweaty Betty is a UK-based women’s activewear brand that is on a mission to empower women through fitness and beyond.


Green Line Digital’s client, Sweaty Betty, was launching a comprehensive ecommerce marketing campaign spanning Europe, the UK, Australia, and the US. At the root of this campaign are 4 distinct product feeds, each containing specific product information.  

Creating and submitting 16 total feeds containing thousands of product attributes across 4 diverse regions is enough of a challenge for any agency, but there was a time factor as well. Green Line Digital had only 2 weeks to turn around Sweaty Betty’s product feeds in time for launch.

I was most impressed with the speed and simplicity of the platform. The UI is very user-friendly, making it easy to train our team.

Part of the reason for the shortened timeline to market were the limitations experienced by Sweaty Betty’s previous feed management partner. When the experts at Green Line Digital stepped in to help, they understood that the retailer’s unique product feed needs required a robust solution capable of managing large data sets, mass optimizations and seamless integrations.


GoDataFeed stood out because of its easy setup and usability. The software’s ability to clone feeds and apply customizations in bulk was the perfect solution for Green Line Digital’s hands-on approach to feed management.

“We wanted a tool we could fully use ourselves without having to go through a representative to make changes,” said Landon Perry, Green Line Digital’s Paid Search Director.

The agency created a single source of truth for Sweaty Betty’s campaign by centralizing all product catalog data into GoDataFeed’s dashboard via FTP. A  store was created for each of the campaign’s target regions and supplemental data that was not originally part of Sweaty Betty’s database was added via Google sheets.

The simplicity of the Google Sheet supplemental feed integration was AMAZING.

Then, using a combination of filters and rules to ensure proper formatting, Green Line Digital created 4 base product feeds that were then cloned, adjusted, and customized for each of the 4 target regions.


There’s no time to waste when a brand like Sweaty Betty is on deadline to launch a multinational campaign. Green Line Digital needed to produce high-quality product feeds and get them up-and-running fast.

Being able to easily add and enhance large amounts of product data drastically removed the amount of time spent on lengthy modifications. The software’s ability to clone feed data and rules made the monumental task more manageable, which allowed the agency to shorten time-to-market to roughly a quarter of the time usually spent on comparable projects.

Our client was impressed by how seamless the setup was.

Green Line Digital was able to build 16 product feeds in one week and go live over a 2-week period.

In addition to meeting launch requirements, the new product feeds created with GoDataFeed corrected formatting issues that had previously affected over 50% of the client’s catalog. “GoDataFeed gives us full control,” Perry added. “It has enabled us to make quick performance-based edits, instead of having to go through an account rep to make changes.”

“GoDataFeed will continue to be our agency's preferred partner for feed management for future clients.”