At one time, succeeding in ecommerce was almost as simple as setting up a landing page, running some ads to the page, and counting the profits at the end of the day. Product sellers with relatively little skill and no experience had as much chance of succeeding as anybody online.

Today, of course, the ecommerce landscape has changed dramatically. Sellers by the thousands crowd every conceivable niche — including some most people have never heard of. In fact, there are about 7.9 million online retailers in the world — 2.1 million in the United States alone! 

Increased competition means that selling online isn’t quite as simple as it used to be. The Digital Shelf is packed with competition. If you're having trouble gaining substantial traction, maybe it's not your strategy or your budget. Maybe your product data needs some TLC. GoDataFeed can help.

Feed the algorithm

It seems like common sense that, if you do exactly what all of your competitors are doing, you’ll blend in right along with them. Your product becomes “another option” for the algorithms to sort and serve — and for customers to discover. 

But after following the path of least resistance, merchants find themselves wondering why they aren’t getting results. Why? Because you've got to give the algorithm a reason to display your products over competitors.  

One of the benefits of using GoDataFeed is that you don't ever have to blindly submit your feeds and troubleshoot live products. When a feed compiles, our system assesses fields for different data scenarios and then generates relevant validation messages to help guide troubleshooting and optimization efforts.

Channels like Google and Amazon look at the data in your feed to draw conclusions about whether or not your products are relevant and trustworthy enough to show for shoppers' search queries. In other words, your product feed has the potential to drive the success of your campaigns. Savvy merchants know how to use this to their advantage.

Our software turns your static sources of data into dynamic catalogs that can be modified for specific outputs so each of your sales and marketing channels gets only the data you want to send in the format and style you want to send it.

Optimize the quality of your outbound product feed

How well have you optimized your product listings for Google? What about for Amazon? Facebook? Instagram?

We talk to merchants all the time who tell us how when they first set up their feeds, they submitted just enough information to get their products listed. A lot of merchants do so with plans to come back and spruce up their feeds later. Of course, they rarely do. 

Incomplete and incorrect product information can sabotage your campaigns. GoDataFeed makes it easy to map channel fields to the right attributes.

But what of you're missing those attributes altogether?

With GoDataFeed, you can create bulk IFTTT rules that pull, consolidate, and/or manipulate whatever existing data you do have to create new compliant attributes. In other words, you can create product information on the fly regardless of your current data's limitations.

Learn more about feed optimization here.

Easily integrate your multichannel strategy

If you’ve seen the product data specifications imposed by Google, Amazon, and other selling channels big and small, you know they can be confusing and lengthy. Even worse, the requirements aren’t even remotely consistent across selling channels. 

GoDataFeed takes the headaches out of trying to connect to selling channels and update feed information. Our Smart Catalog consolidates source data, standardizes data formats, and optimizes feed attributes so your product listings remain up-to-date and consistent across multiple platforms. 

Learn more about multichannel strategy here.

Automate routine data tasks and save time

Our product feed platform, for example, is designed to save you tons of time by taking care of tedious tasks that steal away your work hours right now. 

With seamless data handling, cascading inventory changes, and product updates that happen automatically across all of your selling channels, you get control over your hours again. 

You’ll also spare yourself the hours and stress of dealing with disappointed customers over pricing and inventory discrepancies. We give you a reliable platform to consolidate, format, and distribute product information, so you can avoid these common but harmful errors. 

Learn more about feed automation here.

Data-driven ecommerce

Merchants and marketers need any advantage they can get. And because complete, accurate product data can help Google, Amazon, and other channels put your products in front of the right people at the right time, it only makes sense to take advantage of dynamic, automated product feed optimization. 

Our product feed management platform and done-for-you services give you the power to sell more effectively on more than 200 channels, including Google, Walmart, Amazon, Facebook, and TikTok. Our software and service model makes it easy, so there’s no need for costly development work or clumsy integrations. 

Book a live demo to see for yourself how much better your product listings can be and how much time you will save.