The launch of Facebook Dynamic Product Ads is Facebook's can be a real boon to retailers. Don't let questions about the process keep you from getting in on the action. Read the FAQ to find answers to the most common questions about dynamic product ads.

Q: What are dynamic product ads?

A: Dynamic product ads is a solution to help you promote your entire product catalog on Facebook. Dynamic product ads works best for Ecommerce and Retailers with high web traffic and large inventory looking to engage their shoppers and drive conversions online.

Q: How do I create dynamic product ads?

A: There are three steps to get started with dynamic product ads. First, upload your existing product catalog to Facebook Business Manager. Next, modify your Custom Audience pixel with custom data events to report which products are being viewed, added to cart, and purchased. Finally, set up your dynamic product ads template in Power Editor or with the help of a Facebook Marketing Partner.

To set up Dynamic Product Ads you need a Product Catalog, Product Feeds and Product Sets.

Product Feeds are dynamic uploads of your products and metadata. Each Product Feed lives in a Product Catalog. Product Sets are groups of products to advertise in Dynamic Product Ad. For example, Dynamic Product Ads allow you to serve users an ad for exactly the product they have left in their cart, without creating an individual ad for each product SKU.

Q: What is a product catalog?

A: A product catalog is a structured data file (either XML or tab delimited CSV) consisting of a list of products that a business wishes to advertise. Each product row contains columns of attributes that define each one of your products. For example, a name, description, product image, product details, price, number in stock, etc.

Q: Where do I get a product catalog?

A: Many businesses already use product catalogs, sometimes called product feeds, to advertise their products online. Facebook product catalogs are backwards compatible with industry formats that advertisers use today. In many cases you can simply export your existing feed and upload it directly to Facebook.

You can also reach out to feed service providers like ChannelAdvisor and Mercent who can help you get started putting your inventory online. If you don't already have a product catalog and need help creating one from scratch read the product catalog documentation.

Q: I already use website Custom Audiences. Should I use dynamic product ads?

A: Website Custom Audiences enables you to create audiences of people browsing your website for use in Facebook Ads. Dynamic product ads extends the reach of your retargeting campaigns across your entire product catalog to create relevant product ads for your visitors.

Dynamic product ads uses the same technology as website Custom Audience but combines a new powerful product catalog and ad template feature.

Q: Can I use dynamic product ads with my app?

A: Yes, you can create dynamic product ads for people browsing products on your app as well.

To get started you'll need to enable Facebook App Events. Please send your contact at Facebook a request for documentation for how to modify your app events.

Q: How can I get help?

A: If you need help getting started with dynamic product ads consider reaching out to a Facebook Marketing Partner. Or, if you don't have a large product catalog consider trying Multi-product ads in Power Editor to create a carefully curated ad showcasing multiple products for new or existing customers.

FAQ courtesy of Facebook. Get more questions answered in Facebook's Help Center.