Shopify Shopping Feeds App

GoDataFeed is the all-in-one product feed app for your Shopify store. Sell on Amazon, Google, Facebook, eBay and Walmart. All with one single app.

Shopify 🤝 200+ Channels

Break the mold with product ads optimized for each channel

Channel algorithms only have your product data to go by. The quality of your product feed makes a big difference. Better, more complete product data wins every time.

Is your inventory up-to-date? Are all product updates current? Incomplete, outdated product data is a sure recipe for a bad shopper experience.

Sell More. Work Less.

Turn your Shopify product content into high-performance product feeds

GoDataFeed makes Shopify product feed optimization easy:

  1. Import and product mapping
  2. Feed modification and attribute enhancement
  3. Data feed scheduling and automation

With GoDataFeed, the entire feed optimization and automation process can be done in minutes — not hours or days.

The result? Accurate, compliant, up-to-date and optimized product data every time, on every channel.

Popular features

AI feed optimization
Attribute builder
Text replacement
Filter products from feed
Keyword insertion
Smart categorization
Feed validation
Product variations
Override rules
Apply calculator rules
Optimization suggestions
Advanced feed tools
Custom feeds
Supplement missing data
In-house support

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