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Actionable tips and advice for expertly optimized Google Shopping campaigns & PLAs.
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You already know Google Shopping is a great way to attract motivated shoppers to your products. The problem is you’re not the only online retailer who’s privy to Google’s powers. So how do you make your products stand out? You optimize. And today is the perfect day to optimize your Google Shopping Campaigns. Why? Because everyday that your campaigns run unoptimized is another day of missed opportunities. In this guide, you’ll find actionable best-practices and easy-to-implement tips to optimize your Google Shopping Campaigns.
Google Shopping Data Feed Optimization Tips
AdWords Shopping Campaign Optimization Best Practices
Complete Google Shopping Optimization Checklist

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Chapter 1 Product Titles
Chapter 2 Product Descriptions
Chapter 3 Product Categories
Chapter 4 Negative Keywords
Chapter 5 Product Data
Chapter 6 Promotions
Chapter 7 Product Photos
Chapter 8 Bidding
Chapter 9 Segmentation
Chapter 10 Custom Labels
Chapter 11 Optimization Checklist
Chapter 12 About Us