Mobile shopping and quick delivery are some of the hot topics around ecommerce at the moment. Amazon is dominating the industry with services such as Prime, Prime Now, and Prime Pantry. But Google could soon be giving them a run for their money with Google Express, a centralized shopping experience built upon Google Shopping Actions that lets you purchase items from reputable retailers through Google.

Google Express: An Overview

Google Express lets users shop from a variety of stores using the Google Express app, Google voice assistant, or through desktop using When shopping, users can add items to a centralized cart as opposed to being taken to the individual retailer’s website to complete a purchase like with Google Shopping. It creates a quick and easy shopping experience.

There isn't as wide of a retailer selection as Google Shopping though, which makes it ideal for sellers who want to capitalize on this growing platform. For a full list of participating stores nationwide, click here. As of now, the service is only offered in the continental U.S.

How exactly does the shopping experience work? Here’s what happens when I shopped on Google Express

First, you’re taken to the home page where you can browse by category (similar to Amazon).

 After clicking on electronics, I’m brought to the below page.


As you can see, it’s asking for zip code information to provide more accuracy in pricing and availability. The items displayed are from a variety of stores including Walmart, Best Buy and Fry’s Electronics.

I added both the flash drive from Walmart and the Logitech M325 mouse from Best Buy to my cart. Then, I clicked the cart icon on the upper right hand side of the screen to go to the items. This differs from the standard Google Shopping experience where you are taken to merchant’s individual websites to complete your purchase.

After clicking the blue checkout button, I’m taken to the delivery address page.


Once I enter my delivery address, I’m asked to choose the shipping option for Best Buy and then the shipping option for Walmart.



Delivery Options

As you can see, I had to choose the delivery date for the Best Buy item but not for the Walmart item. Google states that most item delivery times vary from same-day to 3-day delivery. Stores that arrange their own delivery may take longer. It seems like Amazon’s still got Google beat out for speed when it comes to quick delivery.

For both stores, I did have to pay a delivery fee. However, in most instances, if you meet the store’s minimum (usually $25 or $35) then you receive free delivery. Google Express doesn’t charge a membership fee to use, unlike Amazon Prime.



Final Thoughts

Google Express lets your customers shop your products with little effort. While it doesn’t offer as wide a variety of merchants as Google Shopping or Amazon, it makes it the perfect opportunity to capitalize on low competition/high volume; now is the time to get in. Are you ready to start selling on Google Express