Your core catalog might technically be a bunch of product information, but it represents a lot more than that.

With channel data standards and performance goals in mind, catalog data can be turned into many different product feeds.

There are three basic steps or phases to creating feeds:

  • Collect
  • Modify
  • Distribute

Phases of a product feed


Making a feed begins with collecting data from one or more sources.

This step is known as data integration.

phases of a product feed collect data from multiple sources

GoDataFeed lets you easily import data from multiple sources.


Then that product data needs to be modified, or more specifically, optimized to succeed on the target channel.

All channels have different data requirements, different audiences, etc. It’s important that each feed is individually tailored to its target channel.

phases of a product feed modify data for specific channel

Optimization includes:

  • Filters to exclude products
  • Categorization to meet the specific taxonomy of the channel
  • Custom rules to optimize data

GoDataFeed features a powerful toolset to help you do all of that and more.


Lastly, the completed feed gets distributed to the target channel.

This step is also known as syndication or exporting.

phases of a product feed distribute feed to target channel

Multi-channel feed syndication is a core function of GoDataFeed — make and experiment with countless feeds to all of your favorite channels, all from one dashboard.

Ways to connect

In general, there are three ways to look at product data integration:

Manual integration

This involves using data from your shop system, PIM, other feed-based channels, or simply exporting spreadsheet data and uploading it to a channel… but can get complicated if:

  • Your inventory grows
  • Your prices and/or data changes often
  • You want to expand to new channels

Direct connection

Some custom solutions can pull data from one system and push it directly to channels or to a feed management platform.

Typically, direct connections rely on custom approaches that involve development work and can be time-consuming, complex, and costly.

Feed management solution

A feed management platform like GoDataFeed lets you collect data from multiple sources, effectively bulk modify it, and automate feed distribution with ease.

An ideal solution for business that:

  • Have expanding inventories
  • Need more control over their data
  • Want to automate their product feeds
  • Plan to expand to new channels
godatafeed product feed management solution platform tool

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