A social commerce landscape where seamless online transactions become the norm rather than the exception? That's the promise of Meta Shops with Onsite Checkout.

Not convinced? Just look at the variety of merchants already racking up sales and making customers for life with exceptional experiences. From arts and crafts startups like the Woobles to designer jewelry brands like Maison Miru, the results speak for themselves.

We’ll explore these merchant stories in a moment, but first, let’s understand the reasons behind the results.

Enriching the Shopping Experience, Expanding Your Shop’s Window of Opportunity

Meta Checkout is not just about streamlining the buying process; it's about enriching the user experience at every touchpoint. With an emphasis on enhancing merchant capabilities, Meta Checkout is setting the stage for a dramatic transformation in the ecommerce landscape.

To begin with, the ability to tag products within the platform opens up a world of opportunities for merchants. From showcasing their catalog in a more engaging format to leveraging user-generated content for promotional activities, product tagging has the potential to increase product visibility and stimulate customer interest. This not only makes shopping more interactive but also allows merchants to highlight specific items, driving customer attention and potentially boosting sales.

Please note: Shops using offsite checkout will lose the ability to tag products. Beginning August 10, 2023, Shops that don’t have Meta Checkout-enabled Shops on Facebook and Instagram will no longer be able to tag their products and will also lose tags to products from previous posts. Only Shops with checkout on Facebook and Instagram enabled will be able to tag products from Shops after August 10, 2023.

The potential for collaboration with influencers, content creators, affiliates, and partners adds another layer to this dynamic. By enabling third parties to tag and link Shops products, Meta Checkout extends the merchant's reach beyond their immediate customer base. This symbiotic relationship not only facilitates wider exposure but also paves the way for more targeted marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, the integration of Meta Checkout with Shops, plus Facebook Pages and Instagram Accounts allows merchants to cultivate their brand identity within the social media ecosystem. By creating a distinct and immersive “storefront” that is deployed on demand and without a hitch, businesses can establish a strong brand presence, resonate with their target audience, and inspire customer loyalty.

A Gateway to the Future of Social Commerce Success?

Meta Checkout offers a unique advantage to merchants, helping them to stand out in the crowded marketplace. The potential for business growth is amplified when combined with strategic use of Shops Ads, aimed at maximizing conversions.

But the benefits extend beyond the direct impact on sales. 

The enriched user experience fostered by Meta Checkout has profound implications for customer loyalty. By offering a seamless, engaging, and straightforward shopping journey, businesses can win over customers and keep them coming back, driving long-term success.

Moreover, the scope for collaborations with influencers and other third parties, coupled with the ability to establish a distinct brand identity on social media platforms, means businesses can cast their net wider. They can reach beyond their traditional audience to tap into new customer segments, diversify their reach, and strengthen their competitive edge.

As more businesses recognize its potential and adopt this integrated solution to a disjointed path-to-purchase, we can expect a shift in social commerce norms. A more connected, interactive, and user-centric shopping experience may well become the new standard — and Merchants who adopt Meta Checkout sooner rather than later will be ahead of the curve.

Case Studies: A Battle of the Checkouts

We tracked campaign performance for a few participating merchants. What we found was not unexpected, but it was surprising nonetheless. In general, adoption of Meta Checkout-enabled Shops led to significant dips in cost-per-acquisition and spikes in return on ad spend. 


Inclusive apparel brand, LIVELY, boosted campaign performance when they added Meta Checkout-enabled Shops vs offsite only.


  • 25% Improvement in CPA
  • 35% Improvement in ROAS

We are excited to see such a positive result from our Shops ads test. Shops ads allows our customers to have a seamless way to checkout, improving conversion rate, and customer experience as they never have to leave the app! We are planning to continue using Shops ads across additional campaigns over the coming weeks to help drive


- Carly London, Head of Growth


Organic clean beauty brand, OGEE, saw improved performance when they adopted a combination of offsite checkout and Meta Checkout-enabled Shops vs offsite only.


  • 45% Improvement in CPA
  • 50% Improvement in ROAS

“At Ogee we have seen a tremendous increase in our ad performance since we started testing Shops ads (website + Shop). The performance improvement was so clear and big, that it is now a major part of our evergreen strategy. The path from ad to purchase isn’t linear and that having the option to include Shops in this non-linear path ultimately benefits our customers. Giving our customers one more place to learn about our products, get an extra touch point, see more social proof, etc. Plus, this additional on-platform interaction helps show our products to the right people at the right time to maximize conversion, basically a win-win for everyone!”

– Alex Stark, Co-Founder & CMO OGEE


Streetwear brand Staple boosted campaign performance by incorporating Shops to their strategy versus “website only.”


  • 30% Improvement in CPA
  • 38% Improvement in ROAS

The barrier to entry with Shops ads was low and the build experience is a seamless one. We were able to make customizations easily. Overall, Shops ads allows us to effectively and efficiently bring Staple in front of more audiences who will enjoy our products.”

– Krisanne Snider, Senior Paid Media Manager, Digital Revenue Media

Maison Miru

Premium jewelry brand, Maison Miru, improved campaign performance when they added Meta Checkout-enabled Shops vs offsite only.


  • 25% Improvement in CPA
  • 30% Improvement in ROAS

Meta platforms have always been foundational to the success of Maison Miru. We wouldn’t be where we are without posting organically, cultivating our community of creators, and, of course, reaching our customers through advertising.

With our checkout-enabled Shop our customers were able to make purchases without ever leaving the app and their purchase journey was enhanced by years of community content contributions. Trying out Shops ads (website + Shop) felt like a no-brainer for us. We’re always trying to meet our customers where they want to shop, using website + Shop does that!

We saw lower cost per purchase when we started using website + Shop last year compared to website-only campaigns. And we are thrilled to see the results of this latest test! We’ve already shifted ~40% of our spend to campaigns that use ‘website + Shop’, and plan to continue heavily investing in using ‘website + Shop’ within Advantage+ shopping campaigns going forward!

- Mark Tonkelowitz, Co-Founder

The Woobles

The Woobles saw improved big jumps in campaign performance for their stuffed animal learn-to-crochet kits after adding Meta Checkout-enabled Shops to their strategy vs offsite only.


  • 40% Improvement in CPA
  • 60% Improvement in ROAS

Following the impressive results, we saw from the Shops ads (website + Shop) test, we've begun to add website + Shop to our evergreen campaigns. We're seeing that by adding website + Shop, we're able to scale faster at much lower acquisition costs (we've not seen before!) compared to website-only campaigns.

– Justine Tiu, Co-Founder

OK, Your Turn

By now, you're probably eager to learn how you can leverage Meta Checkout for your business. So let’s switch gears and delve into the practical aspects of implementing Meta Checkout. 

In the following section, we'll walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to incorporate Meta Checkout into your business model and maximize its potential.

Now that you understand Meta Shops with Onsite Checkout, let's start implementing: Unleashing the Power of Meta Checkout — A Merchant's Guide to Implementation