Product discovery is not what it used to be.

More and more, shoppers are searching for, finding, browsing and making buying decisions about products outside of merchants’ websites. Today’s online shoppers are using marketplaces as product search engines. They’re window shopping for products using image searches on Google and Pinterest. Many of them are being influenced on social networks. And millions are saving products to shopping lists using mobile shopping apps.

This creates both a challenge and an opportunity for online retailers.

If you're still following the old mantra of "If you build it, they will come" and simply relying on organic traffic to find your products on your Website, you're going to find it increasingly harder to acquire new customers and maintain sales in the future. On the other hand, if you embrace the expanding ecommerce landscape and use it to your advantage, your products will be in position to reach millions of new shoppers at all stages of the buying process.

To help you diversify your ecommerce portfolio, we’ve created this Ecommerce Marketing Landscape graphic. Use it to identify the channel types you want to focus on and to narrow down the channels where you want your products to appear.

Ecommerce Marketing Landscape for Retailers in 2017


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