The cat’s out of the bag. Listing your products on Google Shopping is now free

Specifically, the Surfaces across Google program now includes Google's Shopping tab.

Launched in early 2019, the program lists your products across various Google experiences for free; this includes Google Search, Google Images, Google Lens, and now Google Shopping.

Now more than ever, there’s no reason to not be selling on Google. Let’s go over the basics necessary to getting your products on Google Shopping.

First things first, you’ll need a Merchant Center account.

Google Merchant Center

Merchant Center is Google’s platform for storing and managing product data. It’s the backbone that supports Google Shopping, Shopping Actions, and local inventory ads.

Setting up an account is free and easy.

getting started with google merchant center
Create a Google Merchant Center account

After you've registered, you’ll then need to verify your site.

Once verified, all that's left is some Merchant Center configuration and linking up your product data.

If you already have a feed set up in Merchant Center, you can always go to its settings and add the Surfaces across Google destination. If you haven’t configured your feed in Merchant Center, you’ll have to set that up.

Add a primary feed in Merchant Center

  1. Within Merchant Center, navigate to Products > Feeds
  2. Add a primary feed
  3. Set the appropriate country and language
  4. For destinations, check off Surfaces across Google (you can enable the others at any point)
  5. Name your feed (this is not the file name)
  6. Choose your preferred method of connecting your data; upload if you're using GoDataFeed (more info: Google Sheets, scheduled fetch, upload, website crawl, content API)
  7. Enter the exact name of the file you'll be submitting; document it if you’re establishing this now
configuring your merchant center surfaces across google feed

Set feed default currency

Navigate back to Products > Feeds, click on the feed you just created and go to Settings. Then locate the Default currency section and set your default currency to the appropriate currency.

set your default currency google merchant center

Setup FTP submissions to Google Merchant Center

  1. In GoDataFeed, go to Feeds > Google Shopping Merchant Center > Settings; you’ll be copying & pasting FTP details from Merchant Center here
  2. Reference or modify your file name if needed
  3. In Merchant Center, click the Settings icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen and choose SFTP / FTP / GCS
  4. Create an FTP account unless one already exists; you'll be using the values here in your GoDataFeed settings
  5. Copy and paste uploads.google.com into the FTP Host Address
  6. Copy and paste the username
  7. Click RESET in Google; copy and paste the password into GoDataFeed
  • NOTE: Please consider whether you are using any other applications or services that might be currently connected to Google FTP using the current FTP password. Those connections may be severed when you reset the FTP password.
  1. Enter 21 for the port number
  2. Choose default for SSL Protocol
  3. Save the submission parameters in GoDataFeed

Schedule submissions and enable email alerts

Next, you’ll want to select a schedule submission time in GoDataFeed. You may see a set time already set by our system. You’re free to change that up.

Lastly, under General settings, choose which email alerts to receive and enter all relevant recipients.

Leveraging Google for Retail

Once you have a Merchant Center account, you’ve opted into Surfaces across Google, and you’ve properly linked your product catalog, your products will become eligible to appear across all of Google.

Just remember, your listings are only as good as your data – take a look at Google's best practices. This will become more apparent as more businesses take advantage of this new medium.

Seize this opportunity and launch your free listings, but don’t forget about Shopping ads, Shopping Actions, or the rest of Google for Retail.

Contact us if you have any questions about how GoDataFeed connects with Google’s free and paid product listings!