Drive Sales with Google Shopping Actions [Infographic]

November 9, 2018 in Google Shopping Actions, Google Express

Google's latest ecommerce initiatives, Google Shopping Actions and the revamping of Google Expressmake the world's most popular search engine now also one of the most practical platforms to shop on.

Google Shopping Actions enables retailers to surface their products across Google like never before. With billions of searches happening daily on Google, it's a medium most shoppers already trust. With Shopping Actions, customers can seamlessly buy these products as they're searching on Google, Shopping on Google Express, or talking to Google Assistant. All while Google handles transactions, returns, and customer service.

GoDataFeed makes it easy to get on Shopping Actions. We've integrated directly with the platform so you can use your existing GoDataFeed account to connect with your Google Merchant Center.

Have you considered selling with Google? Reach out to your account rep today to get started.


google shopping actions express assistant search infographic

Giovanni Miranda
Ecommerce Specialist
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