Nowadays, there are an overwhelming amount of ways to advertise your products online. From Google Shopping Ads to retargeting campaigns to Facebook ads, the possibilities seem endless. It can be difficult to know where to drop your advertising dollar.

For those already selling products through the Amazon marketplace, Sponsored Products offers an additional advertising solution. It gives sellers a way to promote individual product listings through keyword-targeted ads.

If you’re an Amazon seller who is looking for an extra way to boost product sales, Sponsored Products may be the answer. We’ve rounded up some of the benefits of Sponsored Products so you can decide for yourself.

Boost Product Discoverability & Visibility

Sponsored Products ads use keyword targeting to show product listings in relevant searches. This gets your products in front of potential customers looking to make purchases.

The ads can appear on the top of the page of or within search results and on the product detail page. It’s a great way to increase the visibility of your products and drive shoppers to your listings.

And since Amazon is the king of online retail, they have no problem driving shoppers to their site. 65% of Americans who shop online search on Amazon always or most of the time. By advertising with Amazon, you multiply the potential shoppers that can be reached.

Promote Seasonal Items

Let’s say it’s the end September and you are getting ready to sell Halloween decorations. With Sponsored Products, you can give these time-sensitive products some extra visibility. It’s a great way to try and boost sales for seasonal items.

Get Rid of Items

Trying to get rid of old or clearance products fast? Sponsored Products can help with that as well. By promoting these items using Sponsored Products, it gives them a better chance of being seen. And with more visibility on the items, you are more likely to move them out quickly.

Spark Interest in New Products

Sparking interest and gaining traction on new items can be difficult. After all, shoppers can’t buy items they aren’t aware of. Sponsored Products can help bring awareness to these new items by getting them in front of more potential customers.

It’s important to note that the product must be winning the Buy Box in order for the ad to be shown.

Shown Across Multiple Devices

Sponsored Products appear across desktop and mobile devices. Whether the shopper is searching on their phone or sitting at their computer looking for items, your ad has the potential to show.

Pay Per Click

With Sponsored Products, you’ll only pay once your ad is actually clicked on. It puts you in control over the amount you spend by letting you decide the maximum bid you are willing to pay for a click.



Amazon Sponsored Products can be a powerful advertising tool when used correctly. It has the ability to boost product visibility, promote specific items, and increase overall sales.

Like any advertising method, it’s important to do your own research to see what solution works best for your business. If you’re interested in Sponsored Products, check out Amazon’s website for more information.