In the age of ecommerce, online reviews matter big time. They can sway a customer’s buying decision--for better or for worse. And if you don’t think that shoppers take these stranger’s opinions seriously, think again. A whopping 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Online shoppers are unable to see the product or visit the store prior to purchasing, so they have to rely on reviews to determine the product quality. Good reviews provide the customer with a sense of trust for your product and store, giving them more confidence in their decision to purchase from you.

Reviews play a key role on both marketplaces and shopping engines. Having good reviews on major ecommerce platforms such as Google and Amazon can have a positive impact on sales.


There are two types of ratings used on Google Shopping: seller ratings and product ratings.

Seller Ratings

Seller ratings are based on the overall customer experience that a business has provided and are not about a specific product. In Google Shopping, the rating appears as “XX% positive seller rating.”

If, as a seller, you have a good rating, it shows that your brand/store has offered high-quality service to previous customers. And if that’s the case, then a shopper is more likely to believe that they will also have a good experience buying from you.

Product Ratings

Unlike seller ratings, product ratings are directly about a specific product. It’s not related to the store or the overall customer experience.

Product ratings show as 1-5 stars with a count of the total number of reviews. A product with a good rating can improve the ads click-through and conversion rate. It will also make the product more reputable in the eye of the shopper.


Like Google, there are two types of reviews/ratings on Amazon: seller feedback (formally known as seller rating) and customer product reviews.

Seller Feedback

Customers can leave seller feedback about a seller they have purchased from. This feedback is based on the entire buying experience. If a seller was unresponsive to a customer and provided bad customer service, the customer may give them a poor rating.

The feedback rating is displayed next to the seller’s name on Amazon. As shown in the image above, the seller feedback appears when comparing offers of other seller. Click on the rating to see the detailed feedback for a particular seller. If a shopper is debating between two offers, they may be more likely to purchase from someone with better seller feedback.

There are tons of sellers on Amazon. And to sell on Amazon, you don’t have to be a major brand or company. With so many unfamiliar sellers, shoppers need a way to feel confident in the one that they choose to buy from. A high feedback rating can provide them with the confidence they need to go through with a purchase.

Amazon considers a variety of factors when determining the Buy Box winner. The feedback rating is one of them. Striving for a good rating is key to being successful on Amazon.

Customer Product Reviews

Product reviews are based solely on the product itself and not the seller or buying experience. They help customers get a better understanding about the item and, in turn, make an informed purchasing decision. When a customer has a good idea on what to expect from the product, they may be less likely to return the item.

Product reviews are also a great way to gain insight into a shopper’s mind. They can even give you ideas on how to beef up the product detail page. If you’re selling a waterproof sandal and multiple reviews say how great they worked out for white water rafting, you can add this to the bullet point or description section of the listing. On the flip side, if people are writing reviews about a certain product defect or limitation, you can see if there is anything that can be done to fix it.


All in all, reviews and ratings are not something to take lightly. They play a big role in influencing a shopper’s buying decisions and standing out amongst heavy competition. Sellers who are looking to boost the performance of their listings, should take the time to round up reviews.