The casual web surfer might not notice much of a difference in the various types of ads that appear on Google and the rest of the web. After all, an ad’s an ad, right?

Well, not so much.

Oftentimes, the distinction between ads can grow ambiguous, as does determining when and where your ads will show up. Let's clear that up.

Where are my Google Shopping ads?

Well, it depends.

They're everywhere – as the Google Display Network is everywhere.

Source: Hallam Internet

Generally speaking though, your ads can (and should) appear on: Google Shopping, Google Search, Google Search Partner websites, and the overall Google Display Network.

These ads showcase an image of your product along with attributes such as a title, price, and store name, and they're usually shown to those already further along on their buyer's journey. Google Shopping ads should target those familiar with what they're looking for, and they have an incredible range to hit that mark.

Your Google Shopping ads should effectively capture those likely to convert and should promote brand visibility on a CPC basis.

What about my Shopping Actions ads?

If you catch yourself asking that question, you'll need to tweak your expectations. Not that it's entirely inaccurate, but Google Shopping Actions handles "ads" a bit differently.

The rich layer of ecommerce integration that is Google Shopping Actions takes your Google business endeavors to the next level. Because Shopping Actions is just a layer to Google Shopping – and even though it's what makes Google Express tick – there is no inherent way to set up and control GSA "ads".

Through GSA, your product catalog is available through Google Assistant and Google Express. There's a lot more to it, but generally speaking, it's simple to sum up. That being said, GSA has an different way of handling promotional efforts. You can't make your own ads, but your products are all candidates for organic ads – if the conditions are right, they'll just show up in the right places.

Source: Google

This methodology is important when you consider the fact that many businesses are paying good money to promote their products on Google Shopping, in effort to route that traffic back to their site – and the same businesses (plus others) are investing into GSA for its unique features/benefits.

GSA is particularly great because you're only paying commission on GSA sales for the exposure that only Google can grant. The potential for your products to be in a Google Shopping ad carousel every now and then is just a plus, especially when your competitors aren't granted any sort of special perks that you aren't.

With Google Shopping Actions, seamless shopping is the goal, and advertising plays a minimal role in the whole experience.

Advertise down all avenues

Google Shopping ads are an excellent, tried and true way for your ads to surface across the web – and Shopping Actions products make their way into that mix in a balanced and organic way.

Google Shopping drives back traffic to your site on a CPC basis, and Google Shopping Actions adds depth to the overall Google Shopping experience. A platform that enables competitive bidding with a flip side that promotes a seamless shopping experience.

The best Google move you can make is to use both. Your ads will receive great visibility and your business should see strong results.

Get to it! Your products won’t advertise themselves, but Google can help.