You either know by now, or you’ve heard mentions of the change, or the rock you’re living under has shielded you from the announcement.

Google Express is going away! :(

Except, not really... it’s really just merging with Google Shopping.

Wait! What's going on?

Ultimately, Google is just unifying its ecommerce platforms – a move that greatly benefits shoppers and doesn’t disrupt brands/merchants.

Although currently live, Google Express will soon be going offline, but that doesn’t mean it’s going away… at least its features aren't.

Some outlets are reporting on this rather negatively, but we think they couldn’t be any more mistaken. This is a move Google needed to make; it's something that makes more sense long-term than a standalone Express platform could ever make.

Earlier this year, Google Shopping was given a massive overhaul. The platform’s interface was brilliantly reworked, shopping ads were revamped to be more useful, and overall the platform received quality-of-life features that no one saw coming. At this time, Google also began to integrate Shopping Actions into Google Shopping.

is google express going away?

Long before Google Express, Google Shopping had been a staple of online shopping – an essential sales channel for merchants, and a go-to shopping option for buyers. Express later emerged as a marketplace-like wing of Google’s ecosystem that although promising, wasn’t its true form until Shopping Actions rolled around. Eventually, the inclusion of GSA did make Express much better, but it seems as though Google had a greater goal: a unified, next-level shopping experience.

Who knows how long this move was in the works, but it was seemingly inevitable. One thing is for sure, it’s definitely for the best.

What’s going to change for brands/merchants?

As of now, nothing is changing for merchants.

Listing products on Google Shopping won’t change, and if you were submitting products for sale on Google Express via Google Shopping Actions, that process will also remain the same.

If anything, Google’s userbase now has no reason to be bouncing between Shopping and Express. Surely some people had a favorite and largely ignored the other. This new union is great for business.

What’s going to change for shoppers?

The only real change is the discontinuation of the standalone Express platform.

The Google Express mobile app has already merged with the Google Shopping app, and the Express site is publically informing visitors of the incoming change.

Other than that, thanks to Shopping Actions, Google Shopping is just going to get better. It has already taken on all the core features of Google Express and even has a shnazzy new logo!

what's happening to google express?

When browsing Google Shopping, search results now yield a mix of regular Google Shopping product ads, local product ads, and "Buy on Google" product ads. These Google-sold products are marked with a new icon:

can i buy items from google on google shopping

You can even filter by each type – giving you the choice to see an overview of everything available for your query, local product ads only, or effectively make your own "Express" experience (if you wish to limit results to what you'd see on Google Express).

what's happening to google express?

The following features are also new on Google Shopping:

  • Discover, compare and buy millions of products from thousands of stores online and nearby – including those you know from Google Express
  • "Buy on Google" purchases are backed by a Google guarantee
  • Sign in using your Google account
  • Access to Google Express order history, saved items, and notification settings
  • Special promotional offers and deals
  • Free delivery on qualifying orders
  • Secure and easy checkout
  • Customer support 7 days a week
  • Deals and product recommendations inspired by your Google activity

Final thoughts

Google Shopping Actions not only enabled a stronger Google Express, but it also made a super-platform possible. One central Google ecommerce hub will work better long-term than two separate platforms ever could.

This unified version of Google Shopping is going to better for everyone – shoppers, merchants, and brands.