Creativity + Efficiency = Snapchat’s ‘Instant Create’ Ads

In just three steps, you can now create your very own Snapchat ad.

The social media platform just announced the launch of "Instant Create," a feature which allows advertisers to create Snapchat-optimized ads in just under 5 minutes. That’s right – you can advertise your business in less time than it will take to read this week’s roundup.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. All your ecommerce business has to do to advertise your products to 310.7 million monthly active users is follow these three steps:

  1. Choose an objective
  2. Input your business’s website
  3. Decide your target

It’s really that easy. Of the available objectives to choose from, you can aim to increase web visits, app installs, or app visits. Additionally, when you insert your website URL, Snapchat will actually go into your site and choose images to use for your ad. If you’re more hands-on with your advertising, there’s also an option for you to upload photos on your own, too.

Instant Create is optimal for an ecommerce business with limited time to spare on social media advertising. That’s why Snapchat made the tool so user-friendly and convenient. Don’t forget that when you advertise on Snapchat, you’re appealing to a wider crowd of young consumers than usual, so choose your strategies wisely.

Advertise on Snapchat in a snap with Instant Create. Read more about it with Search Engine Journal’s article here.

Pinterest Expands Advertising Opportunities... Again

In recent months, Pinterest has been capitalizing on the massive ecommerce potential it holds as a social media platform. Just recently, Pinterest launched new browsable catalogs next to Pins and personalized shopping inspiration in users’ feeds. 

Now, when users scroll under a Product Pin, they’ll have the option to tap on “More from the brand,” which presents them with additional products from a particular retailer. Additionally, when scrolling along their feeds, users will be introduced to a variety of shopping ideas tailored to their individual Pinterest accounts. These improvements afford your ecommerce business extremely viable opportunities to increase brand awareness and eventual conversions.

According to a study by Neustar, 75% of sales from Pinterest occur at least one week after people see ads. This study also found that Pinterest was 2.3 times more efficient in advertising than other social media platforms, 1.5 times more efficient than paid search, and 1.1 times more efficient than display ads, too.

Considering all of this, the study advocates for retailers to give consumers an adequate amount of time to make a purchase before affirming a return on ad spend due to Pinterest’s early influence in the buyer journey.

Don’t get left behind – Pinterest is improving weekly. Pin like a pro today, and find out more with this article from Adweek.

Picture Perfect Advertising with Google My Business

1,065% more website clicks, 1,038% more direct searches, 713% more discovery searches – that’s what Google My Business users get when they have more than 100 images displayed on their profile. BrightLocal conducted a study of 45,000 businesses in 36 industries throughout 4 countries, in which they discovered that businesses with more GMB photos get more clicks, calls, and direction requests.

Though the study refrains from implying causation from this, it does claim that there is a clear correlation between images and customer actions. This means that your business should strive to add new, high-quality photos to your Google My Business listing in order to maximize conversion opportunities. 

You can do this in various ways. For instance, you can add realistic images of your products in everyday use yourself. You can also post images from your customers, too. User-generated content (UGC) like product photos from actual customers increase brand trustworthiness, while presenting your business in a more relatable light.

We all know the saying – a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, your pictures might be worth a thousand clicks, too. Discover more eye-opening facts about Google My Business by reading Search Engine Land’s article here.

Facebook Will Remove Interest Targets That Are Losing Interest

Get ready for some more minor changes coming to Facebook.

In August, you might be notified if your advertising includes outdated or rarely used interest targets. In the coming month, Facebook will remove these out-of-date targets from all Facebook Ads interfaces.

Executives at Facebook claim that most advertisers won’t even notice the removals, but still, it’s best to be prepared in times of change. You might be asking, what exactly is an outdated interest target? Think older cultural references and pop-culture mentions.

As you can see, you probably won’t be negatively affected. If anything, you will be positively impacted. Facebook is conducting this removal for the purposes of creating an easier and more efficient interest selection for advertisers in addition to a more consistent experience across the board.

Facebook continues to streamline its advertising and user interface. Every week it seems like there’s another alteration that makes Facebook more enjoyable to use for everyone. Stay informed and check out this article from Marketing Land.