Developments, updates, and announcements; here's what stood out to us this week.

AdWords Evolves

Goodbye Google Adwords and hello Google Ads. 18 years after the launch of Adwords, Google is finally rebranding its advertising service. This change comes as a pleasant surprise to many, as the brand was due for a visual upgrade. This, along with the recently announced interface change, marks the end of an era for Google. Google Ads will continue to offer the same AdWords features and services that users expect, plus more. Our team welcomes the transition and thinks the new logo looks amazing.

Check out Google's article on Adwords' evolution.

Ebay Improves Its Price-Match Guarantee

Ebay just upped its price-match program to include over 100,000 items, up from 50,000 items. These items, marked with a "Best Price Guarantee" badge, will be eligible for 110% reimbursement of the difference between eBay's price and the lower price. The previous version of the program did not consider a 10% bonus, and was limited to items in eBay's "Deals" section. The new program's conditions require the item to be an exact match, in-stock, and available on a legitimate competitor's site. This is a substantial upgrade that no one really saw coming.

For more information on the program, see Digital Commerce 360's post.

Amazon's Delivery Expansion

As it turns out, Amazon is having trouble handling their crazy volume of online orders. In an effort to innovate in the field of order fulfillment, Amazon is inviting entrepreneurs to form small delivery companies to create a network of local delivery units. This move is a major attempt to gain more control over delivery, which could end up saving them a ton of money. After all, the most expensive part of delivery is the last stretch before reaching the customer. Although currently in its infant stage, this initiative could permanently change how Amazon handles all future deliveries.

For more details on the program, check out The Wall Street Journal's article on the move.