Developments, updates, and announcements; here's what stood out to us this week.

Google's New Tools

In a move to further unite the worlds of in-store commerce and ecommerce, Google recently announced a few new features designed for brick-and-mortar merchants. Of those features, "See What's In Store" is the most significant. It will enable physical stores to provide inventory information in their Knowledge Panels as well as on Google Maps. Other features include location extensions on YouTube video campaigns, enhanced local catalog display ads, a new competitive pricing feature, and an update to Shopping Actions.

Read more about the features and their applications in TechCrunch's post.

GoDataFeed's Platform Overhaul

Brace yourselves! Monday, June 18, will usher in the dawn of a new era. After months of tedious development, the sixth iteration of our game-changing multichannel marketing platform, GoDataFeed, is set to launch next week. Our developers are finally slipping out of their caffeine-induced trances, as launch is right around the corner. From the ashes of their cyber battleground rises an incredible version of our software. Better, faster and more efficient than ever before, v.6 was redone from the ground up. From a full aesthetic overhaul to a plethora of new features, we're thrilled to unveil this update to the world.

Read about v.6 and its major features in Product Manager, Steven Hope's full release post.