Developments, updates, and announcements; here's what stood out to us this week.

Amazon Tests New Ad Tool

Recently, Amazon started testing a new display ad tool that rivals Google and Criteo. This came as news to many, but surprised few, as Amazon recently ceased bidding on Google PLAs. The new tool allows Amazon sellers to bid on ad spots that will follow consumers around the web. Currently, sellers can buy other types of ads on Amazon, but not with this wide of a reach. There are currently no details regarding which sites or apps will push these ads, but this new tool is sure to stoke competition.

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Another Day, Another Perk for Prime Members

If you thought Amazon Prime couldn't get any better, there's a new perk on the horizon. On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, Prime members started getting an additional 10% off at Whole Foods Market stores in Florida. Expanding nationwide this summer, Amazon is giving its Prime members another reason to be subscribers (and to shop at Whole Foods). This discount applies to the hundreds of products sold by Whole Foods and opens the gates for other special promotional offers. Although not a particularly strong reason to buy into Prime, the move came as a surprise to many, as Amazon already provides its Prime members with a plethora of perks.

Digital Commerce 360's post further explains the move and its implications.

EBay's New Personalization Tool

EBay just launched a new personalization tool on its mobile app. The new tool, Interests, allows shoppers to customize their marketplace experiences based on their styles, hobbies, favorite brands and... well, interests. This emphasis on personalization stems from the importance of curating experiences, especially when shopping through an interface as small as that of the eBay mobile app. Interests is currently available on eBay's U.S. mobile app for iOS and Android. However, it won't be exclusively mobile for long, eBay plans to roll out the new feature to desktop and other regions in the coming months.

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