March of 2021 is coming to a close and with it we had a few ecommerce developments that are worth some attention. These sorts of announcements are easy to miss if you’re not looking out for them. 

No worries though, we’ve got your covered.

Here’s everything important in the ecommerce world that you may have missed this month.

Instagram Live Rooms

Instagram announced Live Rooms — a feature that gives you the ability to go Live on Instagram with up to three people. Previously, Live was limited to two people, but now you can “double-up on your live broadcast.” Although not an ecommerce-specific feature, this expansion will open up more creative opportunities that can only benefit businesses strategizing with Instagram.

Twitter tests new ecommerce features

Twitter is testing a new way to display tweets that link to product pages by experimenting with a tweet format that integrates product details and includes a “Shop” button. Twitter confirmed that this new presentation is an example of what is being developed for organic ecommerce tweets. We can totally see this also working as an ad format. This is an exciting ecommerce development from one of the biggest platforms still not directly involved with ecommerce.

Pinterest's first-ever global advertiser summit, “Pinterest Presents”

This month, Pinterest hosted its first-ever global advertiser summit. Available in the US, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Australia, “Pinterest Presents” offered attendees an “immersion into Pinterest’s global vision to build a positive and inclusive platform.” The summit gave viewers an exclusive look at the platform’s latest product updates, including Pinterest Premiere, a new video ad solution, as well as Pinterest Trends and Conversion insights, Pinterest’s latest planning and measurement tools.

Microsoft Bing’s search results interface updates

Microsoft announced several updates to Bing Search that make the overall experience more visually immersive. This includes infographic-like search panel designs that “provide both style and substance,” local answers that show more information, expandable search carousels, similar-looking items image search, and recipe results with more information.

Google will stop selling ads based on individual behavior

As part of its new push for privacy, Google recently announced it will stop selling ads based on a person’s individual browsing behavior. Last year, the tech giant said it planned to phase out third-party cookies — once gone from Chrome next year, Google has made it clear that it won’t use or develop alternative tracking tech that could identify people as the individual level. This is a move that is bound to shake up the digital advertising industry.

Walmart marketplace opens up to international sellers

In a move to expand their marketplace offerings, Walmart has removed rules requiring its marketplace sellers to be registered in the US. This effectively opens up its marketplace to foreign sellers. International businesses will still be carefully vetted, both locally and by Walmart’s global trust and safety team. While this aims to add more international diversity to their marketplace offerings, Walmart is also making a push to stock more US-made products in its physical stores.

Amazon launches new shopping experience on Amazon Music

Amazon recently launched the integration of artist merchandise within its Amazon Music app, combining Amazon’s well-known shopping convenience with a new way for artists to engage with their audience. Participating artists' merch now appears on their pages alongside their content.

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