As we begin to gear up for Independence Day, we thought who better to sit down and chat with than the owner of (which stands for American As F*ck) -- and one of our clients -- Shawn Wylde.

American AF is a veteran-owned company that sells a collection of colorful (to put it mildly) patriotic apparel. AAFNation has a variety of humorous, American themed clothing and accessories that is sure to give people a laugh or raise a few eyebrows. Perfect for all your 4th of July needs.

After optimizing our feeds through GoDataFeed, average order value and ROAS all increased. We’ve seen an average increase in delivery of over 34% with the new, more detailed feed quality.

Products range from patriotic swimsuits to graphic tees to a blanket featuring our forefathers drinking out of red solo cups. Shawn shared some insight into his data feed marketing strategy and how GoDataFeed has helped his company get all of those products on Google Shopping, Bing Ads, and Facebook.


Freedom from the Hassle of Data Feed Marketing

Our ecommerce store is hosted on the Shopify platform and we’ve integrated our Shopify store directly with GoDataFeed to pull our product data.

It was outright impossible and very frustrating to get a high quality feed directly out of Shopify and match it to requirements of different advertising channels. The Shopify native options are too basic for the detailed and granular feed setup we require in order to service over 70,000 variants of our shop.

GoDataFeed was the solution we were looking for. Their seamless integration with Shopify and feed customization options helped us overcome challenges we were facing when it came to building our product feeds. They have a level of detail that simply cannot be matched anywhere else in the market.

Automated and Customizable AF

By using GoDataFeed, we have successfully integrated all our advertising platforms in one place, with seamless compatibility. Easy! We could not do without the mapping and customization abilities that the software provides, we feel that this is especially where GDF’s software shines.

They have really been an ideal solution to managing our feeds with the level of detail our ecommerce site requires.

Through GoDataFeed’s software and support team, we realized how easy it is to get things done for our ecommerce business, with the right tools of course.

Liberating Ecommerce Success

After making additional feed optimization efforts through GoDataFeed, average order value and ROAS all increased. We’ve seen an average increase in delivery of over 34% with the new detailed feed settings. GoDataFeed is an A-Z solution for all your feed needs.

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