Shopify store owners have gained more opportunities to sell their products online than ever in recent years, thanks to native integrations that allow sellers to easily cross-list from Shopify to Amazon, Facebook, Google, and many other selling platforms. These integrations are designed to take the tech headaches and troubleshooting out of listing products from Shopify to other channels. 

Unexpectedly, though, news surfaced on August 12, 2021 that Shopify planned to disable native Amazon integration as of September 30, 2021. This means that if you want to continue to feed products to Amazon from your Shopify store after September 30, you’ll need to do so through a third-party application. 

This news has caused significant uncertainty and stress among many Shopify sellers. In this article, we’ll dive into Shopify’s decision to end Amazon natice integration and show you how you can achieve better results than ever without Shopify’s Amazon app. 

Why did Shopify drop its Amazon App? 

Neither Shopify nor Amazon has offered a public statement to explain the decision to drop Amazon from Shopify’s collection of native integrations. Quite a few sellers have offered opinions; however, none of the speculation surrounding the decision has been confirmed. 

As professionals who obsess over our integrations, we believe it was because of the sheer cost of managing, maintaining, and updating an integration so vastly complex. Apps that power that kind of volume are extremely expensive to create and maintain, both in terms of development costs and personnel hours. 

There’s a good chance that the cost of maintaining the app simply wasn’t worth the projected revenue of sales from Amazon-integrated Shopify stores. 

Of course, this means sellers need a new solution. After all, there are too many benefits of selling on Amazon to abandon it as a source of sales.

What are Shopify merchants doing now that the Amazon App will disappear? 

In short, some sellers are panicking. Some are making the switch to expensive third-party integrations in the Shopify app store because they don’t want to lose the ability to sell their Shopify products on Amazon. Unfortunately, many of the Shopify-specific integrations rarely offer all the features sellers need to format and optimize their product data for Amazon's unique requirements, not to mention its audience's expectations. 

Many of the integration apps on the Shopify app store don’t focus on providing quality product data in Amazon’s specified formats. This is a crucial miscue; when it comes to Amazon, the quality of your product feed data is your most competitive advantage. Without it, meeting sales goals can be challenging despite Amazon’s enormous marketplace and vast reach. 

One Seller Central Forums user commented:

As I posted in the other thread, if Shopify is not keeping up to date with the API requirements, I would be concerned with what is going to happen when the current APIs are deprecated which I believe will happen in September. - Seller Central Forums User @HDMS

Sellers moving to costly third-party integrations typically do so because they aren’t aware that the best app to feed Shopify products to Amazon is also the best app to feed products to Google and Facebook and TikTok and Walmart and... pretty much anywhere on the digital shelf.

GoDataFeed provides a superior experience for Shopify sellers on Amazon

Some Amazon sellers will always choose the “native integration” option because it’s free and it's an easy way for beginners to step into multichannel marketing. 

Pro sellers, however, trust GoDataFeed's superior functionality and greater ease of use than native "data dump" apps ever could. With GoDataFeed, you can easily create custom rules that modify and format data to meet Amazon’s — and its demanding customers' — complex requirements. 

GoDataFeed can also automate other time-consuming and tedious tasks, such as scheduling catalog syncs and end-to-end order management,  to give you back your time and keep Amazon sales flowing, 

All of the features, tools, and resources available on GoDataFeed’s simple, easy-to-use dashboard are designed to save you time, take the stress out of your role, and improve sales and profits from your product listings.  

No Amazon App? No worries. We’re here to help you succeed on Amazon. 

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