At GoDataFeed, we are always looking for ways to improve our software to give you the best experience. During Q3, our team worked on a few updates that will make managing your feed and products a lot easier than before. 

We have added a new tier to our pricing dashboard to give you more options when signing up for our services, updated our IU to support Walmart’s Spec 4+, and enabled the ability to insert orders that have not synced or that may come from other sources using our orders API.

We have also updated our app to make it easier for you to download your imported files on your product catalog, enhanced your Amazon feed to support your catalog by enabling you to sell on other channels, and added new rule functions to help make changes to your feed for your products simple and hassle-free. 

Read on for more information!

Update: Pricing and Sign-Up Page  

We have enhanced our sign-up page to display a cleaner, simpler look for our users! For more information, check out GoDataFeed's new pricing.

GDF Pricing page
GDF Sign Up Page

Update: Download feed and Import History Files S3 

We have updated the import history section to allow users to download the raw source data for every imported product catalog. 

With this new update, you can view and download your data easier and quicker than before. Learn how to download feed and import history files here. 

GDF Marketplace Example

Update: Amazon SP – API  

Managing your Amazon feed has become effortless with this new update we have made to SP-API for feeds, imports, and orders.

This opens the door for future integrations and enhancements to our Amazon support in the near future. The new Amazon Import has support to bring in catalog data for your products, which enables Amazon merchants to sell on other channels and manage their catalog easier. 

This new update also allows you to manage your product data on Amazon while we automatically retrieve the latest changes on a daily basis. For example, you can retrieve Active Listings report from your Amazon account that contains a limited selection of product information, including Seller SKU, ASIN, Item Price, and Quantity (for FBM listings). If enabled, we will also get product data from the Amazon Products API for each ASIN from your Active Listings report. This will gather product details page data from Amazon to supplement the data from the Active Listings report. Learn more about Amazon SP-API here. 

Update: Order Sync – Create Orders API 

Walmart Item Spec 4

We have made some changes to our GoDataFeed app to support the ability to create orders via our Order API. This means you can insert orders that have not synced or may come from other sources giving you flexibility with order management and order syncing. You can also use this functionality to create test orders in our system. Learn more about order sync - create orders API here. 

Update: Walmart V4 

GoDataFeed is now using Walmart Item Spec 4+ which simplifies efforts for sellers and enables multiple functions from a single spec sheet, like allowing Walmart Fulfillment Service (WFS) sellers to set up items as WFS items directly. This new feature allows for better discoverability and conversion on 

This update also adds several new fields to templates and enables us to use features such as shipping overrides and shipping templates which we will be working on adding in the future. Learn more about Item Spec 4 or check out our help article Walmart V4 Help Article for more information.

Update: New Rule Functions 

You asked for it and we delivered! We are happy to introduce this new feature that offers the ability to utilize string functions when creating logic within the feed template. To review this feature in GoDataFeed, you simply create a rule within a feed and select one of the available functions in our UI. 

See the following article for more details:  String Functions Help Article 

GDF Rule Functions