Choosing the perfect images for your Amazon listings can be a daunting task. High-quality images can be the deciding factor when it comes to a shopper clicking on your listing over a competitor.

While the requirements for Amazon’s main image are rather strict, additional images leave a little more room for creativity. By using the additional image fields that are available, you have the opportunity to show off your products in a variety of different ways.  

Not sure what types of images to use? We’ve listed out some ideas below to guide you in the image-choosing process.

Use Multiple Angles

If you only show one angle of your product, you're doing your listing a disservice. In order for the customer to get a good idea of what the product looks like, they’ll need to see it from different angles. Take a sneaker for example. While a side angle of the sneaker is arguably the most important view, shoppers would still like to know how it would look from the front, back and bottom.

Show the Product in Use

When a shopper visits your listing, you want them to experience what your product is capable of and how it can benefit them. A great way to do this is to show your product in use. In the above image, Crock-Pot shows how the product can be used at a tailgate. This gives the shopper an idea of how they can use the product in their everyday life.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

If you are constantly getting the same questions from potential customers, your listing may be lacking some information. Try answering these questions through an image. For example, if questions about the size of your product come up often, can add an image like the one above that compares the product against a pencil so shoppers can get a better idea for the size.

Use Text To Highlight Product Features

Don’t be afraid to add an image with text that highlights the most important features of your product. Images are a unique way to show what each part of the product is used for and why it matters. This allows customers to quickly and easily see if the product features fit their needs.

Add Seasonal Images

Holidays are always a great time to capitalize on sales. If there's an upcoming holiday that your product sells well on, you may want to add an image of your product in a holiday setting. For example, if you sell girl's dresses that could work well for Easter, you may want to add a lifestyle photo of a girl wearing the dress at an Easter party. 

Include Product Packaging

If the packaging of your product is a relevant part of what you are selling, then you may want to add an image that includes it in the listing. For example, perfume packaging is usually high-quality and adds to the overall appearance of the product. In this case, you would want to show it off in your listing. Another instance where packaging is relevant is if you have a product that is frequently used for gifts. In that case, the shopper would likely be interested in the design of the package.

Closing Thoughts

The images on your listing should create an experience for shoppers that gives them a good idea of what the product is and how it can benefit them. Since they don’t have the opportunity to see or touch the product in person, they are relying heavily on your images when it comes to making a purchase.