Google is no longer accepting "multi" as a value for the "color" field in the shopping feed. As of now, Google is only throwing a warning, but it is possible that this warning will turn into an error in the future.  In order to prevent future feed errors, we recommend that you implement a strategy to replace "multi" values.

What options do you have if color values are missing from your product data?

Using GoDataFeed's customization tool, there's a seemingly endless variety of "multi" replace options. Below is the most common (and the recommended) process to replace field values for product color values.

  1. Add color options to your store
  2. Create a merge file with your unique ID field and associated color for each product
  3. Use GoDataFeed to create customization rules in Step 4 of the feed based on another field in your data. For example, if you have color in your product title you can create rules based on the examples below. A separate rule would need to be created for each color.

Set "color" to "black" where "name" contains "black" (see below):

BigCommerce Update

You can now pull in Google product search fields. These fields are located under the "Google Shopping" tab in your BigCommerce store. If your color values are located here, please visit Manage > Import > Settings and select "Google options."

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