Google Ads parallel tracking is here and it’s going to make landing pages load much faster. That’s because, unlike the traditional linear redirect model, which sends customers through one or more tracking URLs, parallel tracking enables click measurement as a background process. This smoother process can lead to increased conversions, and improved ad performance.

What's Changing?

Google introduced parallel tracking last year and debuted it earlier this year as an opt-in feature. However, it won’t be optional for much longer. Starting October 30, 2018, the account opt-in setting will be removed and parallel tracking will become the only click measurement method for Search and Shopping campaigns on Google Ads.

What Next?

If you are already using parallel tracking, you won’t need to do anything. If you aren’t, you can start working with your click measurement provider(s) to make sure that your account is ready for parallel tracking by October 30. Failing to prepare could potentially interrupt your click measurement reporting or cause landing page errors.

For more information on parallel tracking, please refer to the Google Ads Help Center and contact your click measurement provider. If you have further questions, feel free to contact our support team or contact Google.