The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition has lived up to expectations. From the start, we were treated to a host of industry-insider knowledge on some of our favorite topics -- especially topics related to selling on Amazon.

Here's a recap of some key points:

  • 25% of all retail sales, online and not online, took place on a marketplace online.
  • 33% of all ecommerce sales took place on Amazon.
  • "Focus on your customers while your competitors are focused on the actions you just took." - Greg Bowen, VP at Dell commerce services
  • Amazon Brand Registry program will be relaunched soon requiring brand owners to acknowledge who the content owner is for their brand.
  • "If your brand is not selling on, chances are your products are already on Amazon."
  • "Building a brand voice with customer feedback is important."
  • Non FBA sellers must focus on metrics.
  • Winning the buy box comes down to price, fulfillment, and customer feedback.
  • Importance of not overselling... we can't state that enough.
  • "Create your product data the first time. Going back to supply color and UPC for 30,000 products is costly. Do it right the first time." - Toynk Toys
  • "Vendor central concept is the future for more retailers who are starting to offer 3P marketplaces." - Chad Brandon, account manager at Amazon, ASICS
  • "Amazon is building more fulfillment centers to support demand for FBA prime." - Scott Wingo
  • Mercant fulfilled prime will increase this year.

But it's not just the workshops and presentations that have made IRCE 2016 special; some of our favorite moments have been more about the people we've talked to and seeing so many in our industry coming together in conversation.

As IRCE wraps up and we all go to our respective corners of the ecommerce world to process everything we've learned, we look forward to exploring some of these topics with you and continuing the conversation.

Stay tuned for future posts dissecting the topics covered at IRCE and feel free to contact us with specific questions.