Bing Ads is changing how its product feeds are organized. Beginning Aug. 1, 2015, all feeds submitted to Bing must be updated with the new field names or they will be rejected.

In addition to Bing's new feed field names, Bing Ads also added optional field attributes previously unavailable.

These optional fields, which mirror Google Shopping's own optional fields, feature apparel-specific values,  grouping capabilities, redirects for Bing, and custom labels.

Below is an abridged list list of the new supported field names and new Optional Fields similar to those in Google Shopping Feeds. You can see Bing's official catalog feed organization chart here.

Bing Field Name Changes

  • id (MPID)
  • link (ProductURL)
  • image_link (ImageURL)
  • mpn or gtin (UPC, MerchantSKU, ISBN)

New Bing Optional Fields

  • Apparel Products - Bing Ad's new Optional Fields for apparel products includes gender, age_group, color and size.
  • Product Variants - These fields include item_group_id, material and pattern.
  • Other - These general field options include availability, product_category, condition and several other fields similar to Google's optional fields.
  • Bing Attributes - These fields include bingads_grouping, bingads_label, bingads_redirect and customlabel0 and up.

Stop wondering if your feeds are in compliance

We stay on top of changes and updates to all channels (so you don't have to). Bing's new field name and feed specs have already been implemented to GoDataFeed's Bing feeds. That means that if you are submitting your Bing feeds through us, you're taken care of.

If you’re not yet a GoDataFeed user and would like to learn more about how GoDataFeed helps keep your feeds compliant, call us before the deadline at 1-866-340-6619 ext. 1.