If you're a brand owner, optimizing product content should be a big part of your Amazon optimization strategy. While the description field may not be as prominent as the title or bullet points, you still want to make sure you give it the attention that it deserves because it can play a huge role in the discoverability of your products.

The details that you add to your description depends on the category you sell. What may work for clothing and accessories may not work for sporting goods and vice-versa.

Descriptions should include your main keywords and address any customer pain points and seller questions. But unlike bullet points, they should be:

  1. Written in complete sentences
  2. Easy for customers to read and understand
  3. And avoid keyword stuffing

Regardless of the product category you sell in, there are certain information that could apply to all listings. Amazon lists out the following ideas:

  • Dimensions
  • Care instructions
  • Warranty information
  • Limitations of the product
  • Origin of manufacture
  • Safety instructions or warnings
  • How the product was created or tested
  • Information on major awards won

We shopped around Amazon to get an idea of what other successful sellers are adding to their descriptions. Remember, that this content will vary depending on the exact product that you are selling.

Here are some examples of the elements that make up a keyword-optimized description by category:

Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories


  • Care Instructions. Is your product dry clean only, iron-friendly and/or should you wash it with cold or warm water?
  • Features. Let the customer know of any important features that your product is offering. Examples include pockets, stain resistant fabric, wrinkle resistant, belted bow tie, elastic waist band
  • Occasion. Give ideas on the occasion when it could be used such as running, maintenance or construction work, cocktail party, mother of the bride
  • Material. Lightweight cotton, sequins, mesh
  • Fit. Does it run small or large?, Flowy vs tight fit, high-waisted


  • Features & Benefits. Breathable, grip for all weather conditions, padded insole, lightweight, waterproof, slip-on, Reduce foot stress, long-lasting comfort
  • Material. Polyester, suede
  • Occasion. Designed for golf, great for the beach, a long day of hiking, perfect for the office
  • Design: pointed toe, stiletto


  • Usage. Ideas on what the pockets can hold: sunglasses, sunblock, etc.; Is the bag made for carrying a specific item like a laptop or iPad?
  • Features. Cross-body strap, combination lock, number of compartments, water bottle holder, location of zipper (i.e., front zipper), waterproof material
  • Occasion. Business travel, gym, weekender bag, beach bag, picnic


  • Material. Stainless steel, gold, silver
  • Occasion. Anniversary gift, birthday present
  • Features. Magnetic clasp, rust-free material
  • Style. Southwestern, boho    
  • Care Instructions. Don’t shower while wearing

Health & Beauty

  • Features & Benefits. Provides all day moisture, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, anti-aging, strengthen enamel, waterproof, contains SPF, paraben-free, fragrance-free
  • Product Testing. Dermatologist tested
  • Skin Type. For sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin
  • Ingredients. Mineral oil, rosemary oil, 100% vegan
  • Product Usage: Night or daytime 

Home & Garden

  • Features & Benefits. Non-stick pan, oven-safe, mattress adjusts to your body, water resistant
  • Material. Stainless steel, wicker
  • Occasion. Large family meals, camping, hanging out on the patio
  • Instructions. Mattress can take up to 72 hours to expand upon opening, Wash pillow cover separately
  • Weight Capacity. (Especially important when it comes to furniture) 200 lb limit, 80 lb limit

Electronics & Accessories

  • Features & Benefits. Two audio inputs, portable, bluetooth, 6 hour battery life touchscreen, built in virus-protection
  • Specifications. 10 watts, 2 GB memory, model
  • Compatibility. Speaker compatible with Echo Dot, charger compatible with iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPad Pro
  • Size. Screen size, headphone cord length

Sports & Outdoors

  • Features & Benefits. Helmet that is shock-absorbing for safety, adjustable size, shin guard compression that prevents cramping
  • Design. Tent with pre-attached poles for easy setup, a golf club with a special design that increases performance
  • Sporting Occasion. Designed for cross country skiing, hard turf soccer, snowboarding for novices, deep sea fishing
  • Who is it for. Children, beginners, professionals

There is some overlap with the content used for the description field and content used for the bullet point fields on an Amazon listing. Make sure that you balance the information between the two fields and use the description to expand upon what you have listed out in the bullet points.

Please note that if you’re not brand registered, there is no guarantee that your content will be displayed on the listing. Amazon ultimately decides what content will appear.