eBay is improving its marketplace for shoppers and sellers. Soon, changes expected to improve shopper experience and functionality for sellers will begin taking effect. Here's an overview of what to expect from the new eBay.

Shopper Experience

Product Pages will now be the face of any given UPC. That means eBay's new product pages will let shoppers sort products by variations, condition, buying options, seller ratings, bundles, shipping/local options and more. This enhances the shopping experience by giving shoppers the ability to toggle tabs associated with variations and options for a single product all on one page.


eBay Product Pages

New eBay Product Pages


Mobile Descriptions will replace seller-uploaded HTML for shoppers browsing on mobile devices. This new 250-character, text-only "View Item" mobile description -- derived from the full product description -- gives shoppers clean and consistent experience across products on mobile devices.


View Item

Mobile Item Descriptions


Product Reviews will be more prominent as eBay has updated how buyers write reviews and how shoppers read those reviews.

The new product reviews initiative will expand review to more products, provide cleaner design with easy-to-identify ratings and feature simple follow-up emails to requesting product reviews from buyers. Additionally, new product reviews will now have the following features:

  • Item condition of the item reviewed
  • Item purchased on eBay
  • Sold by seller name when available and applicable
  • Reporting capability for inappropriate content

eBay hopes better review visibility, both before and after the purchase, will improve buyer confidence.


eBay Product Reviews

eBay Product Reviews


Merchant Experience

Seller Hub will make selling on eBay easier with better order and inventory management. eBay's new seller hub features competitive listing guidance, detailed sales information and access to marketing tools for store subscribers. Click here to join the Seller Hub waitlist.

Business Policies will soon be required for every seller.

According to eBay, "Seller Profiles will soon be mandatory while creating a new listing. Support for Legacy Shipping, Payment and Returns fields will be going away for business policies opted in sellers."

Currently, business policies is an opt-in option, but that will soon change. Visit eBay's business policies page to stay on top of upcoming deadlines and requirements.