Launched on October 1, 2018, Walmart’s enhanced Marketplace Returns program is another step towards a best-in-class customer experience and improved seller tools. The program promotes a more seamless return environment and ultimately simplifies the customer experience.

Customer benefits include:

  • Clear return policies for each item (documented on item pages)
  • Ability for customers to print return shipping labels directly from their Walmart accounts
  • Return assistance from Walmart’s customer service team

Business benefits include:

  • Ability to set a custom return policy for individual items
  • Specifying other factors in return policies (return windows, restocking fees, shipping fees, etc.)
  • New Returns dashboard that will make return management easier, faster, and more efficient
  • The option to use Walmart’s discounted Returns Shipping Service 

What's Changing?

Although the program went live on October 1, sellers will have until October 31 to prepare their accounts for the changes. Any accounts that haven’t changed their settings by the deadline will automatically be updated to the program’s new default settings. Some settings require operational planning, so be mindful and don’t delay.

What Next?

The sooner you prepare, the sooner you’ll be ready for the inevitable. You can start by:

  • Reviewing API documentation if you integrate with Walmart through direct API
  • Updating your settings and requesting account activation

Your customer returns will be managed by the new process as soon as your account is activated.

If you have any questions about Walmart's new enhanced Marketplace Returns program and how it will integrate into GoDataFeed, feel free to contact our support team.