Imagine you suddenly find your ad campaign performance has tanked recently. After hours of investigation, you find that something went wrong with your data import and a number of products were removed from your core catalog—which went on to affect your advertising channels.

This sort of issue can go from problematic if it affects only a few products, to outright catastrophic if it affects a large chunk of your catalog or even any of your best sellers. Such problems also intensify the longer they go unnoticed.

Whether by human or system error, one bad import can wreak havoc on your product listings and advertising performance.

That’s where GoDataFeed’s Product Protection can help.

How it works

Found and configurable in the Products tab, Product Protection is a feature that prevents your catalog from updating if the next import would remove a concerning amount of products. 

godatafeed product import integration protection

Set to 15% by default, you can adjust the allowable range to whatever feels right to you. 

With this feature enabled, every time we import your product data, we compare the new total number of products with the average total from past imports. If the new total is less than the allowable range, the import will fail. If you have import failure emails enabled, then you will receive an import failure email about the issue.

product protection import failed email alert

On the Product Protection page you can do the following:

  • Enable or disable this feature
  • Adjust the threshold using the slider
  • Reset calculation to allow the import to continue with a smaller import

Reset calculation

Our system calculates the running average total imported products from the last 60 days. If a decrease in total products is intended, then you can confirm the change by resetting the calculation to allow the import to complete without disabling the feature.

Clicking the ‘reset calculation’ button will reset the running average, allowing the next import to succeed.

How this benefits you

To build your catalog, GoDataFeed relies on your primary import source and any supplemental data that you may want included.

Our app is great at keeping it all synced, but that includes removing products that it finds are no longer part of the equation. Without product protection, a simple error can result in a large portion of your products getting deleted from your catalog. This is especially true for our users that use import filters.

These issues are rare, especially if you’re not messing around with elements that can lead to a disconnection. They’re also easy to resolve and don’t go further than reconnecting some loose ends, as optimization efforts are independent of how your data is connected.

The real problem is not noticing something like this has occurred and having your listings and ads function “as intended” with a number of products missing.

Product protection mitigates the risks associated with modifying your data in ways where there may be a disconnect. By setting the threshold accordingly, you set a fail-safe mechanism that would prevent your catalog from accidentally omitting products.

If you’re looking for more info on this feature, please feel free to reach out to our team.

Enable this feature to start protecting your product listings today!