In an effort to continue improving our platform, GoDataFeed has made some updates that help our customers use and navigate through our app smoothly and seamlessly.

During Q4, we added the ability to group by rules in our platform to make the process of sorting in-stock data easier when you want it grouped by a specific category. We have also added a new integration with Magento 2 OrderSync, added a function to support multiple fulfilments on orders and order items, and updated the import history file download section to give the user the ability to download raw data from merge files, history files, and product catalog files within the history tab. 

And finally, we have updated validation messages giving the user the ability to add a new validation message to help improve their feed. 

Read on for more information!

Update: Group by Rules 

GoDataFeed now allows users to target child products and update fields such as availability and quantity. Using this type of rule, you will be able to target products that have only a few variations in stock. You can then update fields on these products such as availability and quantity and set them to be out of stock. For more information, click here - Group By Rules 

GoDataFeed's rule function

Update: Magento 2 - GoOrderSync

With the new Magento 2 integration, you can easily manage orders from multiple marketplaces in one place. This allows you to update marketplace order status, shipping details, tracking information, and cancellations. For more information, click here - Magento 2 - GoOrderSync.  

Update: Import History Files

Our team has updated the import history section to help users better download their raw source data directly for the import or their Product Catalog separately. Now you can download source files, merge files, or product catalogs all on the same page. For more information – click here Import History Files 

GoDataFeed's Import History

Update: Multiple Fulfillment in OrderSync and Order API 

Our team has made some improvements and updates to how customers manage orders and order fulfillment. With Meta integration, customers can now sync orders with multiple fulfillment services and read/insert new orders through our API. For more information – click here Multiple Fulfillment in OrderSync and Order API 

GoDataFed's multiple order fulfillment

Update: Validation Messages  

We have enhanced our validation messages with additional field descriptions, character limits, and validation conditions to each message. We have also added a resolution option that will show the user suggested actions that can be taken to resolve the messages. For more information – click here Validation Messages 

GoDataFeed's validation messages