At GoDataFeed, we are committed to constantly enhancing our software to provide our users with the most advanced tools for managing their product feeds. We are thrilled to introduce a range of new updates that will streamline and power-up your ecommerce operations. Let's dive into the details of these new enhancements.

1. BigCommerce API + Multi-Storefront: Unleash the Power of Multiple Stores

We are delighted to offer our users compatibility with BigCommerce's Multistore Front. By enabling the BigCommerce API to support multistore front data, we bring you centralized data management, streamlined inventory control, consistent product information, efficient updates and changes, integrated order management, and enhanced analytics.

These benefits contribute to smoother operations, improved customer experience, and better decision-making for businesses with multiple stores. With BigCommerce's multistore front, you can manage multiple online stores from a single control panel, ensuring a unified checkout experience and consistent branding across all your online stores.

2. Wix Integration: Seamlessly Import Products to Wix Stores

GoDataFeed is now listed in the Wix App Market! Our integration with Wix allows for a seamless and convenient way to import your products. By managing your product data on Wix Stores, you can focus on running your business while we automatically retrieve the latest changes on a daily basis.

This integration empowers you to effortlessly sync your product data between GoDataFeed and Wix, ensuring your online store is always up-to-date and accurate.

3. Shopify Product Feed Template: Simplifying Product Management

Our new Shopify Feed Template is designed to help you effectively distribute and manage your product data across multiple marketing channels. This template allows you to easily migrate your catalog from one import source to Shopify. The template allows you to take data from your selected import source and apply the required data points from Shopify, enabling smooth product insertion, updates, and deletion.

You can use a spreadsheet to modify your product data or add new products, making the process efficient and hassle-free.

4. Amazon Field Lookup: Simplifying Amazon Feed Setup

We understand that setting up Amazon feeds can sometimes be a complex task.

That's why we've introduced the Amazon Field Lookup feature, which allows users to search by Amazon categories to view field names, data types, and accepted values. This feature provides valuable information to determine the best values to enter into your Amazon feed. Simply select a category from the dropdown menu to view field names, data types, and accepted values, ensuring accurate and optimized product data for your Amazon listings.

5. Import Editor: Streamline Import Mapping Changes

The Import Editor located within the Import Mapping section is a powerful tool that allows users to easily make bulk import mapping changes. The Import Editor allows you to export your import mapping to a spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Sheets, update the mappings, and copy or upload the changes back into the Editor.

You can also type or copy/paste values directly into the Editor table, reset all mappings if needed, and even copy mappings to another store. This feature saves you time and effort when updating import mapping fields, ensuring efficient data management.

6. Feed Analysis Report: Data-driven Insights for Feed Strategy

Our new Feed Analysis Report, featuring GoDataFeed AI, provides you with comprehensive insights to fine-tune your feed strategy. Generate an on-demand Feed Analysis Report to access unique feed compilation and submission feedback from our proprietary data validation engine and channels. The report offers valuable recommendations and metrics to optimize your product feeds.

You can review historical compilation and submission metrics, receive feed recommendations from channels, and leverage GoDataFeed AI to generate data for titles, keywords, descriptions, and SEO feedback. The report is a powerful tool for data-driven decision-making and improved feed performance.

7. Feeds Overview Page: Enhanced Navigation and Resources

With the Feeds Overview Page update, we have improved the user interface, making it even more user-friendly.

The page now features a top left navigation card with quick access to key actions such as adding a feed, managing global rules, viewing compilation and submission history, and accessing cumulative stats. The Request a Feed Setup card allows you to easily submit your feed setup requests, while the Help Center card provides helpful guides and articles to master the GoDataFeed platform. The main Feed Overview card displays a list of all your feeds, their compilation status, pull/fetch status, and submission status. You can filter feeds by type, status, or issues, and perform actions such as compiling or submitting selected feeds.

These enhancements improve the navigation and organization of the Feeds Overview page, providing you with a smoother workflow and additional resources.

8. Feed Products Table: Actionable Insights and Manual Changes

We are excited to introduce the Feed Products Table enhancement, which allows you to build and filter the table based on import date, inclusion/exclusion status, and data fields. This new feature empowers you to make manual changes to product status directly in the table.

You can select specific products or groups of products, apply filters based on your preferences, and take appropriate actions such as inclusion or exclusion. This enhancement provides you with greater control over your product data and enables quick and efficient updates.

9. Validation Summary Card: Prioritize and Sort Validation Messages

To enhance your user experience, we have introduced the Validation Summary Card, which breaks down the validation summary into individual categories. This card indicates the importance and impact of each category on the status of products in your feed. You can easily click on a card to view related messages in a table format. This UI-friendly update allows you to prioritize validation messages based on their significance to your business strategy.

You can also sort messages by brand and category, enabling efficient troubleshooting and optimization of your product data.

10. Apply ASIN Processing Report: Simplified Data Transformation

With the newly updated Apply ASIN Processing Report, making suggested value changes to ASIN or other attribute fields is now a breeze. The report is auto-sorted in descending order by the number of SKUs affected, providing a clear overview of changes. When you click on the pencil icon, you are directed to a page with an explainer and a table of affected SKUs. From there, you can apply changes individually or in bulk, choosing between "Apply ASIN changes" or "Apply All Changes." This enhancement optimizes the processing report, allowing you to quickly perform data transformations that override future import data on the feed level.


With these new updates, GoDataFeed empowers you to manage your product feeds more efficiently and effectively. Whether it's integrating with BigCommerce's multistore front, simplifying product management on Wix and Shopify, streamlining Amazon feed setup, optimizing import mapping changes, leveraging AI-driven insights, or navigating the platform with ease, our enhancements are designed to elevate your ecommerce success. We are committed to continually improving our software and providing you with the best experience possible.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements from GoDataFeed. Your success is our priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way.