At GoDataFeed, we are committed to continually improving our software to provide our users with the best experience possible. In our ongoing efforts to enhance our platform, we are excited to announce three new updates that will make managing your product feeds even more efficient and user-friendly: Catalog Card View, Feed Rule Description, and Re-Branding our “Products” tab to “Imports.” 

Catalog Card View: Enhancing SKU Data Visibility

Our new Catalog Card View feature provides users with a comprehensive view of individual SKU data, allowing for a better understanding of available and unavailable product data per SKU. With this update, you can easily view all product cards and click on an individual product card to access data for "All Fields" or sort by Available Data and Unavailable Data using the dropdown.

Each product card displays important information such as product image, product title, and parent SKUs (if applicable). This enhanced view of SKU data empowers users to make necessary adjustments in their import source or via merge files directly within our app. Before this update, you were not able to view SKU information as easily as you do now. In the future, we are also working towards enabling users to edit data within our app, allowing for seamless updates that override future imports.

example view of SKU data on GoDataFeed

Feed Rule Description: Add Context and Notes to Your Feed Rules

We understand that feed rules are an important aspect of managing product feeds, and our new Feed Rule Description update makes it even easier for users to add context, notes, or a short description to their feed rules. Users can now enter up to 250 characters in the optional Description text box located under the Rule Name.

An icon will appear next to the rule name in the "Rules" list for any rule that has a description saved, and when users hover over the description icon, a preview of the description will appear. This provides users with a clear view of the purpose or intention of each feed rule, making it easier to manage and troubleshoot rules if needed. Additionally, the added context between end users and our support team can facilitate smoother communication during troubleshooting processes.

example of context added to feed rules on GoDataFeed

Re-Branding: “Products” tab to “Imports” 

New look, same functionality! Our "Products Tab" is now called "Imports."  This enables users to recognize the purpose of this tab with clarity so that they are able to build their catalog, mapping, and all the other exciting functions you were able to do with our previous “products” tab. 


rebranding product tab to imports on GoDataFeed

Experience the Benefits of GoDataFeed's Latest Updates

With our Catalog Card View, Feed Rule Description, and Re-Branding our “Products” tab to “Imports” updates, managing your product feeds in GoDataFeed has never been easier. These features provide enhanced visibility and context, empowering users to make necessary adjustments and optimize their product feeds with ease. To learn more about these updates, check out our short feature videos for Catalog Card View and Feed Rule Description.

We are committed to continually improving our software to provide our users with the best experience possible, and we look forward to bringing you more updates and enhancements in the future. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from GoDataFeed!

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