Since our last release, our team has been working hard to optimize our database to give you the ability to control your catalogs on a faster platform with added support for divergent file formats such as JSON and Generic XML files and configured our software to provide the ability to use different languages including most character encodings. 

In addition to all the optimizations mentioned above, we have also added new features such as Meta (Facebook) Business Manager and new integrations like Salesforce Commerce Cloud and eBay REST API Feeds to facilitate connectivity for our users.  

Some exciting new updates we made is that you can now disable your import schedule whenever you want and you are able to upload manual and merge files into our database for a smoother and faster experience.  

Let’s dive into the details... 

Update: Modernization of GoDataFeed Software 

Our team has been working on modernizing our software during these last few months.  

We wanted to give you the ability to manage larger catalogs at a faster pace, with enhanced security and with the latest technology for better performance.  

We optimized our data to perform faster, added support for different file formats and configured our software to support multiple languages. 

Here is a summary of the enhancements made to our database: 

  • New caching platform 
  • Dynamic scaling of databases 
  • Multi-language support 
  • Increased Server Capacities: FTP, Imports, Feeds, Orders 
  • Enhanced Security: New encryption technologies  
  • New Rule Engine: We can now develop new rule types and functions 
  • Transaction History: We now log a copy of mapping, rules and settings 
  • Support for JSON and Generic XML file formats for FTP, HTTP and Manual upload  

Update: Manual Uploads and Merge Files 

We have made some changes to our GoDataFeed app to support Manual file uploads and Merge file uploads to our system. With this new update, you can upload your files and add data to your import catalog easier and quicker than before. Learn how to upload manual and merge files here. 



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Feature: Facebook API: Meta Feeds – Primary & Supplementary  

Do you use Meta (Facebook) Business Manager for your feeds? If so, this is the feature you’ve been waiting for. You can now upload new products for a Primary Feed or a Supplementary Feed.  

We implemented a new integration to upload your primary feed via API. This new integration allows you to submit products and view the processing reports in GoDataFeed.  

Supplementary feeds allow you to add additional data to your primary feeds such as new images and better descriptions. This is great for optimizing your products. Learn more about Meta Business Manager Feed here. 




Update: Salesforce Commerce Cloud 

We added a new integration to import your data from Sales Commerce Cloud data. This direct API provides a better experience to our users by allowing a seamless connectivity with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Learn how to import your data from Salesforce Commerce Cloud here.  


Update: Day of the Week Scheduling  

How great would it be to be able to disable your schedule when you did not want any imports to take place during a specific day/time? With this new update made to our app, you can maintain, customize and disable your feed imports at the time you want, whenever you want to. Learn how to manage your schedule catalog import and feed submissions here.  

 Feature: eBay REST API Feeds 

Announcing eBay API REST feeds integration! We now support connecting to eBay REST API for feeds, making it faster and more secure for our users while reducing errors and enhancing performance. This will open the doors for additional integrations to eBay that will benefit merchants. Learn how to connect your eBay REST API Feeds here.