At GoDataFeed, we know all about product data.

We’re always striving to improve our app to better serve the needs of our merchants, and on a larger scale, the marketers that power the ecommerce world from behind the scenes.

That’s why we built GoDataFeed with agencies in mind.

The agency solution

Whether you manage 5 or 500 feeds, we’re here to help you grow.

GoDataFeed helps agencies big and small overcome the hurdles of multichannel integration and product data optimization.

Designed for agencies

It goes without saying, the feed management needs of a single business are different than that of an agency.

Since the beginning, we’ve worked closely with ecommerce and PPC agencies to develop a holistic product data management distribution solution that met their needs – and yours.

GoDataFeed combines powerful agency features with unparalleled support to help your agency optimize and automate client ecommerce feeds at scale.

Master agency accounts

Manage all client stores and their product data under one master agency account.

Agency accounts come with multi-level access for easy, effective collaboration. Manage client and employee access with full control of permissions and visibility.

Centralized product info

Collect your clients’ product data from anywhere, then centralize, standardize, and optimize it.

All your clients, all their data – with full control at your fingertips. One account.

Bulk optimization

Clean, standardize, and optimize your clients’ data with a few clicks

Bulk-customize data with virtually no limitations using filters, merge files, our powerful rules engine, and more. Clean up messy data and optimize attributes to present the way your clients’ data is presented to shoppers.

White labeled feed management

Feed management by GoDataFeed adds a done-for-you service layer on top of our DIY solution.

Our feed specialists can take the reigns and build feeds according to best practices for your clients’ category and channel specs.

Experts on support

Your account manager will be there to guide and assist you along every step of the way.

“They have not only provided my team with professional support, but they have gone out of their way on several occasions to meet the specific needs of our clients.” - Greg Yevish, Co-Founder & Technology Director, Operation ROI

Our team adds decades of combined industry know-how to your toolkit. We’re always here to help you navigate the complex data requirements of every channel your clients sell on.

Variable client pricing

Say “goodbye” to cookie-cutter pricing. 

GoDataFeed offers you expanded capabilities without expanding your budget. Variable client pricing makes it easy and cost-effective to manage multiple stores.

We understand that no two stores have the same needs. So we designed our pricing structure to make it easier for multi-store agencies to modify pricing for each store. Customize each plan to the individual store and pay only for that store’s needs.

Get started today

We love working with businesses of all sizes – from small mom-and-pop shops to rockstar agencies and everything in between.

Looking for more info? Drop us a line! Want to see GoDataFeed in action? Feel free to request a demo.

It's time you had more control over your clients' product data.