Since we announced GoDataFeed’s v.6 beta program back in February, we have worked with several merchants and agencies to further improve our interface and expand our features. From hosting user demos to gathering extensive feedback, we have committed ourselves to constant improvement and have succeeded with your help -- so thank you.

We are honored and excited to release GoDataFeed v.6 on Monday, June 18th, 2018.

While this new version may look and feel different, your product catalog, data feeds, and orders will run the same as they run today -- no upgrade needed. All active accounts will be upgraded in phases over the coming weeks (more details below).

What you can expect with the new GoDataFeed

  • Navigate your account faster with a modernized layout
  • Resolve data errors faster with validation and processing summaries
  • Create feed rules faster with the “save as” feature
  • Manage Google Shopping campaigns and quickly access Merchant Center errors
  • Improved reporting for advertising feeds
  • View your order details in-app with the new order sync dashboard
  • Manage all your scheduled imports/feeds on one screen
  • See a history of product imports and feed submissions
  • Learn more about what to expect from the new GoDataFeed experience

The new feeds dashboard allows you to monitor feed validation and submission history.

The feed validation summary groups warnings and errors so you can resolve issues faster.

The new order sync dashboard allows you to search and monitor order activity.

Clearer pricing

The new GoDataFeed v.6 also comes with simplified pricing, making it easier to know which plan is right for your business. We have consolidated our PPC and Marketplace bundles into four subscription levels: Lite, Plus, Pro, and Ultimate. Each store will have its own subscription. Lite allows you to try the essential features of GoDataFeed, while Plus, Pro, and Ultimate include additional features and product allotments. Learn more about our new plans in our help center here.

We will honor the cost and pricing structure currently in place for active accounts, however, you will not have access to v.6 until we move your account.

Moving your account

All accounts created prior to June 18, 2018, will be migrated to the new GoDataFeed v.6 platform in phases throughout the summer. This is not a migration of your data or feeds, but rather an accounting migration. When your account is migrated, there will be no action required on your part: each store in your account will maintain legacy pricing, but any new stores you add to your account after you are migrated will require selecting a new plan. Read more about our pricing structure update and what it means for your account here.

Do more with Google Shopping.


GoDataFeed is also rolling out new features for Google Shopping: Merchant Insights and Ads Management.

Merchant Insights, a free new feature for all Google Shopping Merchant Center feeds, gives you a window into your Merchant Center account. Now you can see account, feed and product-level issues right from your GoDataFeed account.

This will allow you to identify and resolve issues in Merchant Center. Learn how to connect your Google Shopping feed to your Merchant Center account to start getting insights here.

The Ads Management feature allows you to launch, manage, and optimize shopping ad campaigns. Starting with the basics for Google Adwords for Shopping, we’ll be adding time-saving features and insights as well as tools for other channels like Bing, Facebook, and Amazon in the future. You can either import existing campaigns or launch new ones. Sign up to beta test the Google Shopping management tool for Adwords here.

Just the beginning…

We will be rolling out more features, such as Google Analytics powered reporting, time-saving tools for shopping campaign management, and more. The changes happening in 2018 are truly just the beginning of GoDataFeed v.6 and there is no shortage of interesting challenges coming up. We’re committed to improving GoDataFeed based on your feedback and we look forward to this awesome journey with you. On behalf of the GoDataFeed team, we thank you for your support, feedback and encouragement.

Happy Feeding!
Steven Hope, Product Manager @ GoDataFeed

Meet the Author

Steven Hope is a South Florida native. He loves playing and collecting world percussion instruments. When he's not working, he spends his time listening to podcasts and biking around town.