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Modify, enrich and distribute product information using a single source of truth for your catalog

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how product feed automation works
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Your shortcut to ecommerce success

Ever wonder how some companies (big and small) dominate on ecommerce while others struggle to cut through the noise? Their secret is in their data. That's why, from Day 1, our team of experts works with you to get your product feeds set up for success. Here's what makes us different:

Seamless source-to-channel integration

No matter where your product data comes from, we can import it, clean it up and deliver it to your shopping channels and marketplaces.


Normalize product attributes

Create a master catalog and manage it all from one dashboard. Merge all product information into one cohesive catalog. From store data to dropshipper files to agency enhancements, you're in control.


Overcome channel complexities

Build feeds according to best practices for your category and channel specs. The result is a clean, compliant and optimized product feed.


Optimize product feeds

Bring in only the product data you want. Enhance it without disrupting your original store data. Add attributes, filter, merge, normalize, concatenate -- the possibilities are endless.


Update changes automatically

The software updates your shopping cart and marketplaces simultaneously. Product information, inventory, orders and returns are synced automatically.

product feeds optimized for id zone
These guys really care about delivering actually valuable ecommerce solutions. I can't believe we used to spend thousands a month with ChannelAdvisor!
Liz @ Anatomical Worldwide
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