Sync orders, inventory and returns across marketplaces

No more order data entry. No more inventory discrepancies. No more overselling. Save time and avoid order issues. It's not just order automation; it's peace of mind.

Order Management Software for Marketplace Sellers

Centralized orders

Consolidate your marketplaces orders into a single dashboard.

Automated sync

GoDataFeed syncs your orders every 15 minutes.

Custom integration

Build a custom orders integration with our API.

Global ecommerce is getting more competitive every day. We use AI and blockchain technology to lead our customers to success. GoDataFeed is a big part of our game plan. It helps us connect endpoints and deliver data without interruption — and without the need for custom development.
Bushido Commerce

Consolidated order handling

This is what next-generation order management looks like. Retrieve order data from marketplaces, sync orders to your shopping cart and update inventory levels across all of your sales channels.

Increased efficiency

Stop wasting resources juggling product data, updating orders and monitoring statuses. GoDataFeed saves you time and energy with automated order flows.

Your personal order assistant

The platform tracks orders and returns from all of your marketplaces, and alerts you when something needs your attention. delays errors so you can spend less time on data entry and more time on order fulfillment.

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