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Bigcommerce Feed Automation & PLA Optimization

BigCommerce Product Feeds Done Right

BigCommerce empowers sellers with the tools they need to set up, manage and optimize their online stores. That's why GoDataFeed is the perfect fit for BigCommerce sellers. We bring the same mindset but for feed management.

bigcommerce product feeds that reach more shoppers

Reach More Shoppers

Get your BigCommerce products listed where shoppers buy. List on Amazon, Google, Facebook, eBay, Walmart and over 200 sales channels in the U.S. and internationally. All from a single dashboard.

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enhance bigcommerce product feeds fast

Enhance Listings Fast

Mass modify feed data to optimize attributes like title and description -- without changing BigCommerce product pages. Make enhancements as needed or create custom rules to automate ongoing optimizations.

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automate bigcommerce inventory updates

Automate Inventory Updates

GoDataFeed syncs your BigCommerce catalog to sales channels and back to your store, ensuring product listings are always up-to-date and accurate. No more manual stock updates. No more overselling.

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high-performance bigcommerce product feedsbigcommerce product feed optimization
Designed for BigCommerce sellers

Turn messy data into high-performance product feeds.

Your product data gets messy. Worked on and worked over. That's OK. We help you get it back into shape and ready to feed product listings that sell.

Product feeds are not simple tasks but GoDataFeed makes it easier with smart mapping strategies, a great rule system, and intelligent support.
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