Order Management

Sync. Sell. Repeat. That's Order Management with GoDataFeed.

GoDataFeed simplifies order management by creating a seamless flow of inventory changes and order updates across channels.
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marketplace order management
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Order Management Done Right

Manage all your marketplace orders from one dashboard and update inventory on sales channels automatically. No more data entry. No more inventory discrepancies. No more overselling.

marketplace order management made easy
Marketplace order Management

Automatically sync order updates across platforms.

automated marketplace order management
Automated Order Retrieval

This is what next-generation order management looks like. Retrieve order data from marketplaces, sync orders to your shopping cart and update inventory levels across all of your sales channels without lifting a finger.

increased marketplace order management efficiency
Increased Order Efficiency

Stop wasting resources juggling product data, updating orders and monitoring statuses. GoDataFeed saves you time and energy with automated order flows. Avoid import issues, sidestep data entry errors and spend your time filling more marketplace orders, instead.

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Sync Orders, Inventory & Returns

Use the Order Tools the Pros Use

Streamline orders, inventory updates and returns. Save time. Avoid marketplace discrepancies. It's not just order automation. It's the peace of mind to focus on your business.

shopping feeds that connect you to shoppers

Sync Orders

Consolidate all of your orders from all the marketplaces you sell on into a single location.

shopping feeds that connect you to shoppers

Update Inventory

When an order is placed, GoDataFeed updates inventory across all points of sale.

shopping feeds that connect you to shoppers

Manage Returns

Returns are synced to your shopping cart and, when the return is complete, inventory is updated.

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