Full-service product feed management

Grow your business with a full-service feed manager

Add a dedicated product feed and channel integration expert to your business without the cost of a new hire. Our full service feed management gives you access to top-tier support, built-for-you feeds, ongoing optimization, and feed health monitoring.

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Improve campaign performance

We optimize your feeds using proprietary techniques to ensure channel compliance and maximize performance, boosting CTR and ROAS.

Reduce your workload

Why spend precious time managing client feeds and channel integrations when you could lean on a team of specialized feed managers to do it for you?

Proactive feed monitoring

Our software + service approach watches over your client's feeds to prevent help you avoid performance issues before they become a problem.

Adapt to market changes

Ecommerce changes fast. GoDataFeed's managed services help you keep up with customer demands and channel requirements.

Feed experts by your side

Our platform is smart and powerful, but nothing beats human expertise. Our team of feed specialists puts decades of experience at your service.

Endless sales potential

Expand your reach into marketplaces, social commerce channels, and more. GoDataFeed’s smart catalogs, API integrations, and templated feeds make it easy.

Best service ever. Don't waste your time with other solutions! Top notch. Has helped my shop immensely.


Scalable commerce

A fully integrated channel partner

GoDataFeed works with marketplaces and online store platforms to open a frictionless path to multichannel ecommerce. Connect to common channels like Amazon and Google, or explore new sources of revenue like TikTok and Snapchat. With GoDataFeed, there's no limit to where you can sell. And because integration is fast and effective, you can test channels without the risk of costly integrations.

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product listing optimization

from zero to hero

Average listings get average results

Your products deserve better than "average." GoDataFeed lets you transform basic product information into the type of product listings that make shoppers want to click and buy. Add keywords to titles, strengthen descriptions, re-map values, add UTM tags, remove disallowed text, and much more.

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GoDataFeed puts you in control

GoDataFeed solves complex feed management processes to help you deliver product listings that meet channel requirements — and your customer's expectations.

Maintain data integrity

  • Solve volatile channels specs and avoid hours of troubleshooting with channel templates that normalize attributes.
  • Consolidate fragmented data by merging sources into one master catalog.
  • Eliminate the need for slow, costly integrations by connecting via GoDataFeed's API.
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product feed formatting

Easily format channel feeds

  • Reach your audience goals without the need for complicated optimization techniques. Instead, use our rules engine to craft logic-based optimizations that enhance thousands of SKUs at once.
  • Put away disorganized spreadsheets for good and say goodbye to inaccurate, outdated listings. Set import and feed schedules to automate updates.
  • Data transfer delays will no longer cost you missed impressions, clicks, or sales. GoDataFeed's 99.999% uptime keep your listings flowing.

Build a commerce pipeline

  • Spin up new channels in minutes, not weeks. GoDataFeed connects your catalog seamlessly to hundreds of channels — and we're adding new channels all the time.
  • Your customers shop differently depending on the channel. Modify product content to meet audience demands. GoDataFeed makes it easy.
  • Don't want to build a feed from scratch? GoDataFeed lets you clone existing feeds to create a custom feed in minutes.

Online sales, uninterrupted

  • Errors and warnings can negatively affect the performance of your product listings and prevent products from reaching shoppers. GoDataFeed watches over your feeds 24/7.
  • The platform checks your product data for channel compliance and alerts you when feeds need attention.
  • As if the software wasn't powerful enough, it's backed by the industry's most knowledgeable support team.
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Feed automation and the power to reshape product discovery

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